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Russian Mistress

It was 7pm when I was driving from work home.
I worked as a topless waitress at that time in Sydney.
At that time in my life I had been married for eight years. My husband at the time had already gained some weight and I had become sexually un-attracted to him.
I had always been bisexual, so when I offered my husband to play/add another girl into our sex life he responded by telling me I was sick in the head.
I reassured him that I was reading about it in a magazine and I was shocked myself that couples would agree to invite somebody else to their bedroom and that the thought of it at first made me feel strange myself.
Clearly at that time in Sydney at 7pm I didn’t want to be intimate with my now over weight husband.

But I was soooo horny…

I really didn’t feel like masturbating again either.
As it turned out I just so happened to be passing the brothel “Stilettos” on Parramatta Road. I knew about this place by coincidence because I thought once to celebrate my birthday there. Apparently they have the best spa rooms ?.
Little did I know that it was a brothel when I came to enquire about having my bday party there ??‍♀

I remembered I could potentially hire a girl for myself there…

So I parked my vehicle in a tight car spot downstairs and went upstairs. The receptionist asked me what I wanted,
I said that I would like to hire a girl. They put me in the room with the TV that was showing porn. The porn really did set me in that mood and I REALLY wanted to have sex by that time. I didn’t want to fuck a guy because I thought that that would make me feel un-faithful but if a girl will go down on me I thought it’s okay.


Seven women came and introduced themselves to me.
Some of them lied ? and said that they were bisexual, I could tell they were not.
They looked a lot worse than I did. As some of them were old and looked a little over used.
I looked hot and very sexy, as all Russians girl do ?.
I was losing hope that I wouldn’t be able to hire a genuine bisexual girl (there was one lady who offered to lick me out with the condom on my vagina… screw that I thought to myself ).
Then a young very pale tattooed girl walked in….. she looked probably 18. I was 35 at that time but looked around 25.
I asked her if she genuinely was bisexual and I knew that she was by her response. This young girl told me that she had only been working there for two weeks and that her boyfriend didn’t know. She was wearing braces, she looked so cute and innocent looking. She came from Adelaide I thought she would be a good fit.

I paid $300 for half an hour, it was the best $300 I ever spent…

I walked into a beautiful room with a spa, I poured myself a shot of Tequila and proceeded to take off my undies.
She started licking me out. At first I thought “Oh my God” it’s not working, BUT then… I thought that maybe and sure enough as I became more relaxed… I orgasmed.
This girl was incredible.
Later, I came home to my husband a lot more happier and relaxed. I even stopped to pick him up a bottle of whiskey on my way home.
This never happened again. I will never forget it though. There are not only men who use brothels us women we need it too.
If only you could create a place where I can go just to get a squirting service, I would be a regular customer. This is my sex confession.
Yours unfaithfully Russian mistress.

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