Two weeks in Australia. “Everything in Australia is going to kill you.”
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Two weeks in Australia

The number one asked question by foreigners is if I spend “two weeks in Australia” – will it be dangerous?

A travel blogger once said…

“You just have to assume everything in Australia is going to kill you.”

As an Australian…
this can’t be further from the truth.

Let me put your mind at rest. Let’s see if I can encourage you to book your ticket over to experience this beautiful country for yourself!

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So, you have been thinking about coming to the land down under

But you’ve heard about the drop bears and poisonous critters that scatter our shores, and now you’re not so sure if you’re willing to risk yourself to enjoy the sunshine and sand by staying two weeks in Australia

Lol, Foreigners Top Reasons
“NOT TO” visit Australia

The Buttsmarn – Isaac Butterfield an Australian comedian debates all in reference to our “Two weeks travel in Australia- will it be dangerous” blog in his Youtube Video.

Two weeks in Australia – will it be dangerous to travel too?

Often we judge things on stories we hear or insane things we see on social media. Don’t believe everything you read, but, do believe what I am about to share with you.

There are so many good reasons to visit Australia that out way the bad. Like its beautiful rolling landscapes, friendly locals, crazy accents and a long list of amazing ‘bucket list’ experiences. It is clear why so many backpackers head here.
It’s insane size and vastness means that there is literally something for every type of traveller. Whether you are looking for a low key relaxing island getaway, a unique cultural experience, an adrenaline fix, to get in touch with nature or an all-round party, we have you covered.

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi oi!

Whilst Australia is home to some creepy critters and slimy little friends, the likelihood of you coming eye to eye with one is pretty unlikely, unless you head to Australia Zoo, in which case you can see them all (from behind thick glass!)

Snakes for example tend to hide if they sense human movement. They feel vibrations in the ground and will be long gone before you even see them! And spiders? Well, you might come across a redback or two but unless your playing silly buggers and trying to stand on them or catch them with your hands, you should be ok!


If you want to be extra careful:

1. Before putting your shoes on – look inside to check for spiders or bang against a wall.

2. Have bug spray in your cupboard in the kitchen.

3. Wear bug spray on your skin at night.

4. Don’t swim in croc infested waters.
Crocs are the most dangerous animal in the country and are the only ones that go out of their way to attack a human.

5. Stay away from deep muddy waters in Northern Australia.

6. Watch where you walk – especially in the bush and at night.

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So, what’s stopping you?

The East Coast of Australia alone stretches a gigantic 4000 km from Melbourne to Cairns. It would take you around 50 hours of nonstop driving to cover the entire coastline, roadtrip! Australia is also home to over 10,685 beaches, over 500 national parks and, drum-roll… 8,222 islands.
It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world in my opinion. There are so many undiscovered little pockets of beauty around and a little adventure walk can unearth some beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes
(just look out for croc signs if you are in North Queensland!)

Two weeks in Australia..

3 glorious minutes of multiple reasons why YOU SHOULD visit Australia.

Tourism Australia has launched its latest campaign, which is focused on highlighting the country’s world-class aquatic and coastal experiences, in a bid to lure more international visitors to Australia. The campaign features a voiceover by Australian actor and new Tourism Australia global Ambassador, Chris Hemsworth.

What are some must do’s?

Visit Fraser Island

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This is one stop you will not regret!
Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. It is becoming increasingly popular among backpackers and travellers. There are plenty of ways to explore this magical place, but by far the most popular (and fun!) is to go on what’s called a “tag-along tour”.

This involves joining a group of about 20 other travellers that get divided into smaller groups. You drive yourselves around the sandy island in a mega-awesome 4X4, following along behind your guide. How cool does that sound? You never know who you might meet!

Spend time in Sydney

Sydney is one of those cities that you could explore forever and you still won’t have seen it all. It’s beaches are beautiful, it’s shopping next level and the vibe, something else!

This city has almost too much to offer. Whether you want to relax on the nearby beaches (Bondi, Coogee, or Manly to name a few), go hiking in the Blue Mountains, get under the sea at the magnificent Sydney Aquarium (must do!)
Or maybe take hundreds of selfies in front of the Sydney Opera House, this city will have you getting lost in a good way.

Road trip the Great Ocean Road

Love a roady? Don’t we all

Twelve Apostles, Marine National Park at sunset

This 243 kilometre stretch of road is an absolute must do if you’re on the south east coast of Australia. Grab your buddies, sort out some snacks and road tunes, jump in whatever vehicle you can get and get your wheels moving. The road works its way along the coast, taking you through some great little towns, breathtaking views and to National Parks!
It really has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Get sandy on the beaches

Whether you want a city beach, like the ever-popular Bondi beach in Sydney, the surfing mecca that is Byron Bay, or a more secluded space, like Whitehaven Bay in the Whitsundays, there’s definitely something for everyone here. The majority of Australia’s beaches are open to the public and there are plenty of activities available, such as jet-skiing or even skydiving if that takes your fancy!

Learn to surf

This is probably something that’s on the top of a lot of traveller’s bucket lists. Where would be better to learn the art of riding waves than in the sunny climes and warm seas of Oz!? There are plenty of different places and ways to learn. Whether you want to hire your own board, run into the sea and see what happens, or go to a surf school with proper instructors who can teach you the ways of the waves, it’s entirely up to you. Whatever happens though, you’ll have heaps of fun and might even catch a wave or two.

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

So you might have snorkelled already and are now thinking, “what’s the big deal about scuba diving, I’m not going to see anything different?”.
But, oh boy would you be wrong.
Scuba diving is like nothing else, especially if you get to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. This reef is one of the most magical and alive places you will ever see, above or below the sea – it’s teeming with colourful coral and sparkling fish, all eager to show off their home to you.
And who knows… you might even see a turtle or two!

Don’t forget about Melbourne

You are either a Melbourne person or a Sydney person. That’s what everyone says. But in all honesty, both these cities are impressive each in their own ways. Melbourne is a very quirky place, full of interesting cafés, shops and artwork. Do some research and see which one feels right for you!

Reality Check of Two weeks in Australia

More people die in Britain each year due to cows falling on them than to those hurt in Australia. Whilst what kills more people in Australia? Falling out of bed, where the statistics show 58 people do so every year.
The statistics show that it is pretty unlikely to come into contact with something that will hurt you, especially if you are here for a short-term holiday. Australia is a beautiful country, don’t let the stereotypes keep you away from coming down under.

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