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On Trend: Anal Bleaching

Ever considered Anal Bleaching? What do you think of your butt hole or at least the skin around it?

If you have been curious and taken a peek you may have noticed the skin is darker then the rest.

This is normal!

Despite it being completely normal many people are sparking the trend of anal bleaching and considering making there butts a new shade.

But why?

We are going to share 7 things about this bizarre yet popular trend taking a Hole-d of the world (hehe… just a little butt joke!).

1. You Can Do It Yourself – But It Is Risky!

You may not know this but you can get your hands on a DIY skin-bleaching cream or peal at your local pharmacy or from a spa and at the cheaper end it can be as little as $6 and then go as high as $49 or more.

Some of the common ingredients in these kits are hydroquinone, azelaic acid, Kojic acid, niacinamide, or other botanical extracts, all of which chemically exfoliate dead skin cells responsible for hyper-pigmentation.

So you are probably wondering what the problem is? Well Some chemicals in skin-lightening products, like kojic acid and hydroquinone, are considered carcinogenic, as per data from the National Institute of Health. When you DIY, you can accidentally get the creams or kits on areas you shouldn’t like your rectum and this can enter the bloodstream and cause major issues for your health.

2. Nasty Side Effects.

With any skin treatment and creams that are designed to peel skin or alter our natural selves there is going to be some discomfort and anal bleaching is no different.

Some of the common side effects include severe itching, burning, and stinging during and after treatment.

If you experience any adverse effects in response to a product, stop using it right away, thoroughly wash the affected area with a gentle cleanser, then apply a petroleum-based moisturizer, such as Vaseline, to form a protective seal over the skin, he says.

3. Professional Treatments Are Costly!

If you are prepared to pay for it, you can get your anal bleaching treatment done by a profession at Some spas, salons, and plastic surgeons and it will set you back around $125 per session.

If you are considering a bleaching peel this will cost up to $1,000 and you will need around three, thirty minute treatments scheduled two weeks apart. While you will see results after the first session it is common you will need more than two sometimes three or more depending on how your skin will react to treatment.

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4. No Sex For 5 Days.

To prevent skin infections, it is recommended by skin treatment professionals that you need to avoid sex for at least five days post-treatment, even if the treated area isn’t irritated. It is also important to avoid sex if the skin is raw after treatment.

5. Why Not… Lasers?

If you are not too keen on chemicals there is also the option to have laser treatment on your butt but this will set you back upwards of $375 per twenty minute session and you may need a touch-up every six to twelve months!

However, it is important to keep in mind that laser treatments can cause prickling sensation, in the area that’s treated, and prophylactic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can help, as can a topical numbing agent during treatments.

6. It May Be Hard To Poop (Seriously…)

Any of the bleaching treatments we have mentioned above can actually cause scarring such as anal strictures, which could prevent the anus from stretching properly during a bowel movements and this will lead to constipation and pain when passing a stool.

Your bottom is one of the most sensitive body parts and there are no studies to show what the real risks are of anal bleaching.


7. The Bottom Line.

Any approach to anal bleaching can endanger your health for a temporary benefit and as we have discussed above over time, the original colour in the skins pigment is going to come back. So let this be a warning even if you do decide to go ahead with anal bleaching that it will not be a cheap adventure and there are some risks.

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