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How To: Stop Period Pain – Instantly!

Ouch! stop period pain? Even the word ouch is an understatement, there really is nothing quite like it am I right ladies? And, when it is bad it is really, really bad.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to get rid of period pain. But, there are ways to reduce cramping, alleviate pain instantly and stop cramps from getting worse.

I’ve had my period for over a decade, and I’m still surprised almost every month by the intensity of my menstrual pain. Cramps, stop period pain and the anxiety that is caused by heavy bleeding.

About 1 in 10 women have such severe pain during their menstrual cycles that they have to limit their activities one to three days every month.

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to stop period pain fast. But there are ways to reduce cramping, alleviate pain, and possibly stop cramps from getting bad in the first place.

So, What Actually Causes Cramps?

Period Pain is powered by hormone-like chemicals called prostaglandins that cause the uterine contractions and though ti seems like the muscular contractions would cause the pain, it is actually the hormones that take you down, to cramp-town.

Luckily, in my experience I have found ways to minimise the chemicals and reduce the pain so you can recover faster with ease and comfort when your month comes around.

Sorry – there is no natural ways to stop period pain!

If you want to relieve pain natural, there is some bad news. There are only two proven ways to stop period pain and they are:

  1. Birth Control Pills – and –
  2. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) like Ibuprofen.

With very little research conducted into the cures for severe period pain, which totally explains why we cannot find many medically endorsed quick-fixes we have a few ideas below for you to try and we hope they instantly help you out!

1. Fastest Relief to stop period pain

If you’re like me and sometimes find yourself in a ball of cramps on the floor then I cannot stress that the best thing to do is to take some ibuprofen with a coffee chaser

Yes. Take it with coffee; just 100 mg of caffeine (about a cup of coffee) can relieve the acute pain quite fast.

2. Heat Pads to stop period pain

If you want to avoid medication completely we recommend Heat Pads, Hot Water Bottles or slip into a warm bath; because the heat will help relax your muscles and ease the pain caused by your period. Even laying down with something warm on your aching stomach or relaxing in the bath can reduce your general stress too!

The miracle of heat is not quite understood but there is no downside to using heat pads and hot water bottles especially when they feel nice and comfortable right?

3. Nothing Beats Exercise!

“When I have cramps, I love going for a run, or playing with my beautiful puppy George in the yard which gets me up and out of my misery chair with cramps” and while you may be thinking that this sounds stupid, it actually can help.

In my experience working out helps reduce the pain and regulates digestion and so this takes the pressure of the tummy too; – Plus – the workout releases endorphins in the body, which will improve your mood.

By simply adding exercise before your period to help alleviate cramps before they start. During your period (when you’re not in pain), try to take a walk or do some light activity, just to slow down the pain from springing up on you by surprise.

4. Consider Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium can be effective in lowering the prostaglandins and reducing pain.

But, you can’t just take magnesium and feel better in a few minutes. So make sure to take a nightly dose to help minimise cramps over the course of your period.

5. Eat Healthy Feel Positive to stop period pain

If you want to reduce the period pains, then eating healthy should be your top priority I have found by swapping out occasional fatty foods that are high in omega-6 acids and sticking to foods such as Salmon, Sardines, Walnuts and Flaxseeds can really help reduce the inflammation, which in turn reduces those dreaded prostaglandins and so this will reduce the pain and cramping too!

I have also found that by eating healthy, fiber-rich foods for the last two weeks of my cycle and avoiding guilty pleasures like my personal favourite, home baked muffins and McFlurrys from Maccas, the severity of my crams and reduced greatly.


6. This I Have Not Tried, TENS Machine.

I have not tried this but I have heard about it.

Apparently, hooking your stomach up to a shock machine cann induce Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS); which basically in short – you stick little pads to your tummy and the machine sends electrical impulses to the muscles; reducing the amount of pain signals that get sent to your brain.

To me, it sounds a little scary… but people have reported that it actually works. There is a product called LIVIA that claims it can turn “Period Pain Off”, but when I looked at the price I was quite shocked as it will set you back over $149, whereas you can get a TENS machine from Amazon for about $27.

But please – before you start zapping yourself to cure period pain please have a chat with your friendly GP for their opinion on what will work best for you.

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