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The top 10 best date ideas that won’t break your budget

Hey Handsome! So you’re looking for best date ideas that won’t break your budget? I’ve got you covered!

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or new to it, having some best date ideas up your sleeve to surprise
her with is going to be key to an exciting and exhilarating dating life.

Dates don’t have to be expensive fancy dinners or big token gestures all the time, and to be
honest, women quite enjoy something simple but thought out and special. Don’t overthink it –
anything you plan, she will appreciate, just follow some of our suggestions below for a no fail date
on a budget!

  1. Miniature Golf
    You can’t go wrong with mini golf, it’s fun, it’s playful and it’s no pressure. You get to laugh at one
    another when it takes 6 shots just to get it in the hole (enter cute jokes about holes).
    Often it’s the simplest of things that make for the perfect date, and there are usually other people
    playing around you which can break that social awkwardness if you’re new to dating one another.
    Just have fun with it, and afterwards? Go get an ice cream!
  2. Hit Up Your Local Cinema
    There is something exciting about going into a huge dark, busy cinema full of other people but the
    only people in the room who matter are you two. Make sure you upgrade to a lazy boy lounger.
    It will be worth it! You get to watch a movie together, cuddled up in the dark, with people around.
    It often creates a sense of naughtiness for woman and they’ll enjoy being snuggled, the perfect
    opportunity for some touchy feely, but just remember, you’re in public!
  3. Cook A Special Dinner Together
    Cooking together helps bring about teamwork and you get to have a bit of fun while you do it.
    Find a recipe that you both like, then go out and get all the things you need to create it, grab a
    bottle of wine and head home to get things started! The best part is, you get to enjoy your creations
    and it’s a great way to spend half a day together.
  4. Grab A Coffee And Hang Out At The Park
    Whether it’s Summer or Winter, it’s always a good time for coffee and fresh air.
    Pick her up and take her to your favourite coffee place, grab a takeaway and go for a walk at a nice
    park or along the beach. Being outdoors is good for the soul and you can enjoy a stroll while
    holding hands and sipping a coffee before finding a spot to sit down and chill out for a while.
    Don’t underestimate the simple dates.
  5. Go For A Scenic Walk Together
    If you both love to move your bodies and are fit, plan ahead to get into your activewear and meet
    up for a walk, hike or run together. If you live around water, even better! After a long walk everyone
    wants to jump into the water, it’s the perfect scene for some flirty fun and doesn’t cost a thing.
  6. Watch A Sunrise Or Sunset
    Our human absolutely loves a good sunrise or sunset, they’re beautiful and breathtaking and
    something special to share together.
  7. Pull Out A Mattress And Do A Movie Night
    Does this make you think of some time during your childhood when your parents let you do this
    and it was SO MUCH FUN? Perfect! And if not, it’s time to create that memory now.
    I promise it will be a winner, and it’s so simple!
    Pull out your mattress, put some sheets and pillows on it,create your own little sanctuary, maybe
    light a few candles, turn the lights off, flick on a movie and snuggle up.
    Make sure you have some snacks on hand, chocolate can be fun (if you get what I mean, wink
  8. Go For A Drive
    Imagine a warm summer’s day, windows down, good music on (not too loud) and exploring your
    town, city or countryside. Go somewhere new, find a beautiful spot you can get out and enjoy a
    picnic, have a chat and enjoy the ride back home. There is something about driving in a car that
    creates a good opportunity for conversation, as you pass by all the things it can spark memories
    and open up doors to conversations you might not normally have when sitting down on the couch
    at home. It’s also just nice to get outside and explore! And… who doesn’t love a picnic?
  9. Organise A Potluck With Friends
    Everyone loves food and what better way to enjoy it than with friends?
    You get to have lots of yummy dishes to eat, a few wines and beers and a shitload of laughs.
    It’s a great way to introduce some of your friends to your new fave person and it also allows your
    new fave person to see you in your element with good friends, doing what you do best, being
  10. Go To A Trampoline Park
    Seriously how fun does this sound! If you haven’t, you have to.
    There is no better place to bring out your inner child than at a trampoline park! Show of you sweet
    flips and have fun together. Guaranteed laughs whether you’ve been dating for a while or on your
    first date, it’s perfect for breaking that awkward barrier of having to have big long conversations.
    There is no harm in a “play date”, in fact, playing brings out the best in us and helps us relive some
    of our happiest moments, I bet it will be a date she will remember!

3 Steps To How To Pick The Perfect Date Ideas

Dating can be fun and exciting but it can be tricky to choose the perfect date that you will both
enjoy. So we created a guide to help you decide which awesome date idea to go for!

  1. Assess Your Relationship
    Take a step back for a minute and look at how much you know the person and how comfortable
    you are with each other. For example, it wouldn’t be a good idea to ask someone you just met to
    go for a run together, chances are they don’t want you to see them as a sweaty mess, just yet!
  2. Know Your Date
    Know what their likes, dislikes and hobbies are. Know what they appreciate. This would influence
    what best date ideas you would choose and when. For example, if she doesn’t like big crowds, don’t take her
    to a noisy music gig.
  3. Pay Attention To The Season
    This could mean anything from the weather, to the season of your relationship. For example, if it’s
    winter, you probably don’t want to have a picnic outside.

In Conclusion

If you want your dating life to have fun and excitement that lasts, you need a bunch of date ideas at
your disposal and they don’t have to be extravagant or break the bank!

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