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What is it really like to date an Instagram model?

(it’s not what you think :P) So you wanna date an Instagram model?

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be though….

You’ve probably heard of the term “Instagram husband”, and if you haven’t, what rock have you been living under?

But seriously, encase you don’t know… Instagram husbands are basically the man behind the woman, the one taking all the sweet photos on the beach, you know they aren’t all selfies right? She needs a man to help her! But… could you do it?

As you scroll the gram searching through the photos of someone half the planet crushes on and fantasizes about, do you ever wonder what it’s actually like to date an Instagram model? Do they really roll out of bed looking like that? Is there tan always on point? Do they ever make their own meals or are they always eating out? Do they always smell like coconut oil? And most importantly: who takes all those pictures? (I just gave that one away above!)

IG Models… they are a whole new concept of self employed and I’d put money on the fact we all
follow at least one!
Date an Instagram model has become a public phenomenon within the social media universe over the last few years with the last two years exploding with influencers and models alike. Same, same but different,

I get it, they are all drop dead gorgeous, shiny, pretty, beautiful and actually in their own ways, very
clever for creating a way to turn their likes into the big C, cash
. But, let’s get real for a second, that
doesn’t mean that she is the one for you, your twin flame, soul-mate, the one. If you are having trouble
figuring out whether or not your new bae is one of these self-marketing Instagram babes, there are a few tell-tale signs to look for. They almost certainly have a “K” beside their followers. They basically always tag and mention companies that created whatever article of clothing they wear in their photos. Finally, you will notice that their likes are way up in the thousands and random strangers have conversations within the comment section (who is surfgary69?!).

Disclaimer – This isn’t made to offend any of you beautiful Instagram babes if you’re reading this, but rather a message to those of you with your sights set on one.

Here are the things to consider when dating or thinking to date an Instagram model.

  1. There is more than one of you.
    It just a well known and obvious fact that Instagram models have anywhere from 50-100+ DM’s from
    hungry blokes who are keen to connect, in more ways than one! If you message her, it is literally a drop
    in the ocean and slim chances that she will actually reply.
    Advice: don’t message her being just another one of these guys, stand out from the crowd. Show her some
    attention on her pictures first before sliding into her DM’s!
  2. You are applying for a job at the same time as trying to date her.
    If you start dating an Instagram model, you are also applying to be someone’s personal photographer at
    the same time. Just talk to any IG Hubby and you’ll soon understand how embarrassing and frustrating it can
    be when you get home from work and just want to talk or watch TV but all they want to do is have you catch
    their best angle! So… unless you want to hear “wait, can you get this same shot but from a different angle”
    over and over again, don’t waste your time. But, if you love photography, go for it!
  3. She’s high maintenance.
    She loves all the fancy expensive things, after all, it’s all about her image! She is used to being sent
    beautiful amazing products. That means she expects equally amazing prezzies from you too buddy.
  4. She’s always on vacay.
    Instagram models have a habit of going off on lavish, insanely picturesque vacations where they can
    take the perfect photo to post in their new free bikini that some hot australian brand sent them. If
    you’re okay with the long distance thing, you can give it a try, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
  5. She lives what a lot of people view as a “fake life”.
    Clearly they don’t live the average life, they make money on their looks for goodness sake. Think
    about it, she is constantly being sent things that she is required to promote as her own. That means
    that not everything you see on her page is something she is actually into or passionate about, for some that
    is easy to do but for a lot of people, they see right through it. It might seem fun to start but after a while you
    kinda just want her to be HERSELF. How do you know what’s real?
  6. She may FREAK OUT if you say anything bad about her pictures.
    Sorry, I need to say it! These are her money makers and she can’t handle the truth. We all know that a
    relationship should incorporate honesty and what do you do when you can’t tell her that her most recent post
    is a little provocative? It’s hard to see her like that in front of thousands of eyes. Some things should just be
    you for. It’s a hard pill to swallow!
  7. Even if you make it to the relationship stage, you won’t be the only one after her.
    You’ll have to be okay with the copious amount of strangers constantly hitting on and flirting with
    your girlfriend. Simple!
  8. Even when she’s with you, she may not necessarily be present.
    Obviously when someone makes social media their life, they live and breathe it, they’re always glued
    to their phone! It’s all about the opportunity to her. Imagine this, you may have a beautiful night planned at
    a five star restaurant, views to die for and a walk along the beach afterwards… only to be let down while your
    date has her eyes glued to her phone the whole time or taking pictures left, right and centre.
  9. She might well think she’s too good for you.
    Instagram models have a bit of an ego problem. But, it’s not all their fault. When you are doted on by
    loving fans it’s kind of hard not to feed that ego! They are constantly told their beautiful and literally get paid
    to post selfies. They see their followers as fans, and for that reason they probably expect to marry A-listers
    rather than “commoners”.
  10. You don’t know what she actually looks like.
    If you only know of your Insta-crush through her profile, chances are you don’t really know what she
    looks like. Just because they are beautiful on social media doesn’t mean they are beautiful in real life. Beauty
    is more than what’s on the outside too remember! Many of them use body and face altering apps to make
    them look the way their sponsors want them to. Again, faking life. (It must actually suck!). Hopefully one day
    she will decide to just love herself for herself, some IG models or influencers do change and start to only
    accept promotions through aligned businesses. She could be one of them!
  11. She’s obsessed with herself.
    She is the centre of her universe. She needs herself in order to function, survive and be paid. Literally! I
    mean, we all do in a way but it’s just 10x with her. Anyone that takes THAT many pictures of themselves love
    themselves too much. Or, they’re over compensating for a lack of confidence covering themselves up in this
    life that appears beyond perfect. Maybe you like the overly-confident thing and that’s fine…but being around
    someone that is that self absorbed could be old really quick.
    In closing, we aren’t saying don’t go there, just be mindful that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, happiness is key!

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