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Is It Ok to Kiss on the First Date? Reasons Why You Should (And Shouldn’t)?

Kissing on the first date can go either way. Many people expect that they will kiss at the end of the night, no matter how the date went. Others just aren’t ready to take that next step, and there is
nothing wrong with that. Reading your date isn’t always easy. You may be struggling to figure out whether she is expecting a kiss or not.

Here are some reasons why kissing is ok on the first date.

You are really having a good time with your date (and she is too)! If you are both enjoying yourselves, you may want to take the next step and end the date with a kiss. If the date seems to be going really smoothly, talk is flowing, and you just find yourself smiling at the woman beside you, you may want to go in for a kiss at the end of the night.


You both are feeling the attraction toward each other. If you both are attracted to each other (and are
struggling to keep your hands to yourselves), your date will probably end with a kiss.

You want to end the night on a good note. Ending a date with a sweet goodbye kiss can be a great way to end the night. Both of you can think about the date and hopefully smile.

It can signal a promise for the future. If you are both into each other (and plan on seeing each other again), a goodnight kiss can leave you both with a promise for the future. Who knows, you may just
have had your last first kiss!

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t kiss on the first date.

You don’t feel like you really know this person yet. There are times when you just might not be ready for a goodnight kiss, especially if you had a short date. An hour or two isn’t a lot of time to get to know someone and it might be better to wait.

You don’t think the date is going to lead to another. There are times when the date simply isn’t going anywhere. Nothing might be really wrong, but one (or both of you) just aren’t really feeling the other. If you don’t think that you are going to want another date, you probably aren’t going to want (or get) a goodnight kiss.

You may also hold off on the kiss if you feel like there is too much pressure. Many people feel like a first date needs to end with a kiss and that can really spoil the mood. If one (or both of you) are feeling pressure about the kiss, you may want to hold off until the next date (or when it feels better).

If you do kiss on the first date, it should be consensual. It can show both of you ow you are feeling toward each other. You enjoyed yourselves, are attracted to each other, and really want a promise for
the future. A sweet goodbye kiss can give you both hope for the future!


Though you may want to kiss someone at the end of the date, it might not be a good idea. This is especially true if your first date was really short and you didn’t have enough time to learn about each
other. You may also want to hold off if you are feeling pressured to kiss her. This can be a big mood spoiler and your first kiss should be special!

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