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17 Tips & Tricks To Switch Off And Get Your Self Care On

If you work in the Adult Entertainment industry we know you’re intimate with those thoughts that creep up on you and stop you from relaxing when you need self care. Here are the 17 tips & tricks. That’s why we’re here with all the knowledge you need to get that well deserved rest after a busy day, night or week of working hard to keep other people happy.

It’s important that we do because if these thoughts stick around they risk becoming more intense and confronting, ultimately ending in anxiety or depression. Distraction is a great coping skill that can be used in the short term to help displace negative thoughts. And then there are more sophisticated, longer term techniques, perfect for reining in wild thoughts that need to be dealt with so that they can be dismissed. 

At CherryDTV, we fully understand the impact of mental health on Sex Workers and Adult Entertainers in the Adult Industry, which is why we’re sharing these simple, easy 17 tips & tricks for shutting off your mind and get back to YOU.

1. Watch an all time favourite feel good movie or tv show:

We say Dirty Dancing or Friends, tell us yours below.

2. Listen to music:

It’s not just uplifting, done right it’s basically lush teletransportation.

3. Sing:

This isn’t about how good you are, it’s about letting loose and not GAF.

4. Meditate:

It’s not as complicated or hippy dippy as you might think, it’s literally about sitting in silence and seeing what floats to the surface.

5. Laugh:

There are whole laughing therapy workshops in places like Nimbin and if you read up on it they’re actually onto something.

6. Talk to someone:

You know this works, stop telling yourself nobody cares, dig deep and go there.

7. Start a gratitude practice:

This means waking up each morning, turning inward instead of to your phone, and reciting a very special list.

8. Journal:

Amazing if you’re not a talker and a great way to offer yourself counsel and therapy from the very person who knows you best. You. 

9. Exercise:

You already know//do this so in case you need it, reading this a sign from the universe not to let it slip.

10. Play with a pet:

Animals are feel good therapy, if you don’t have one borrow a friend’s for pet sitting. And if that’s not an option most pet shops will let you take a puppy home at weekends to help them out.

12. Masturbate:

Because when we say self love is the best love we mean it.

13. Create:

Madonna said Express Yourself and she knows things so do as you’re told.

14. Write a letter:

You could get deep or have fun with it but either way think of the joy for the person receiving it.

15. Go to a park and swing:

This is about the beauty of feeling like a child again.

16. Set a time for worrying.

If you love the more rigid structure of alarms and deadlines this might work for you.

17. Write your worries down and then burn them:

Imagine how satisfying this would be? You have our permission, go evaporate that pesky worry.
Yes there are an abundance of potential issues to worry about every day but you don’t have to suffer with them. Instead try some of these and remember what works once may not work as well another time, so be flexible and change it up until you find the methods that work best for you.

Have you tried any of the methods above?

Or perhaps you have other methods that you use?
Share them with us in the comments below.

Wishing you laughter, serenity, and a significant decrease in anxiety.

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