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5 FACTS You Need To Know About OnlyFans

It’s the number one topic people are curious about when we ask what you’d like us to write about. And no wonder. OnlyFans burst onto the scene in the UK in 2016 and changed the game for digital content creators in the Adult Entertainment industry.

It’s basically a subscription only content service where Fans pay a regular fee for access to their favourite creators.

1. How It Works

Sign up for OnlyFans and your Fans Only will see your content when they pay the subscription fees you set. OnlyFans keeps 20% for the privilege and you keep the other 80%.

#WorkIt right and it’s a sweet deal that could pay dividends as you grow your business. 

2. Who Uses It

OnlyFans is open to any profession and actually has a community of content creators on there that have nothing to do with Adult Entertainment or Sex Work. For example fitness and  training work really well over there, because it’s typically premium visual content that people want access to, and are prepared to pay regular, relatively low subscription fees for.

But, as it’s grown in popularity, coupled with the effects of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, OnlyFans has become a haven for sex workers sharing XXX-rated content, after they were forced to pivot from their traditional avenues of earning income, to stay in business throughout 2020.

Some creators aren’t keen to show themselves on the site so it’s even become acceptable to post without revealing your face; a great result for new creators trying it out.

If you’re planning to start this way just be mindful that this content will really need to hit the spot to get good traction.

Others post nude and also fully clothed content, although this is typically fetish outfits and fantasy fulfillment. 

3. How Much Money Can I Make On OnlyFans?

This million dollar question has an open ended answer. Much like any other opportunity you’ll come across in business, you get out what you put in.

Short answer: the more content you create, and the more time you invest in promoting it, and interacting with the Fans who subscribe to it ~ the more money you’ll make from it.

Content creators currently claim earnings of anywhere from $100 to $60,000 per week. Some of the Girls of CherryDTV report a passive income of $300 a month with next to no maintenance of their profiles and a jump to around $2000+ when they do.

Of course the quality and relevance of content you create has a huge impact on your popularity. For example feet are a huge fetish on OnlyFans and drew some of the biggest earnings in 2020. 

4. Is It Safe? And legal?

Yes it’s legal, and thanks to a few key settings it’s also pretty safe.

You need 2 step verification with an authenticator app to access your account, plus creators can’t see the names of Fans and general subscribers can only see stage names and not the real names of creators.

You can’t take screenshots on OnlyFans either. If you try you’ll get a black screen, similar technology to Netflix, and those who try can be blocked from the site which is a great deterrent. 

As you can imagine, street smarts, good instincts and plain common sense go a long way on OnlyFans.

Onlyfans Citygirls GIF by Belle The Queen - Find & Share on GIPHY

5. How Do I Get Started?

You’ll need ID documents to set up the payment side of your account, a stash of top end, previously unpublished content, and a well thought out understanding of who you are and what your brand is.

Your best bet is to start building this brand on social media as early on as possible, and then funnel your followers across to join you on OnlyFans, lured by tempting teaser content they can finish off ~ pardon the pun ~ when they subscribe there.

Do you have an OnlyFans account?

If no, what are thoughts now you’ve done a bit of research?

If yes, how’s it going? Share your details below and you might just wake up tomorrow to find Cherry Dana following you ? 

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