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5 Hot Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

2020 literally locked the whole world inside their homes and said now what? We have listed 5 tips to spice up your sex life.

Grounded for the best part of a year, either solo, or with friends, flatmates, partners, kids, families young and old, or a mix of all of the above.

There were definite positives to the experience: slowing down, staying home, being present, and getting reacquainted with loved ones in a way we can’t if we’re rushing between work and school and homework and activities.

The currently emerging lockdown baby boom would suggest some couples had a(n) (in)decent amount of fun during this timre, but for some of us, after months of early nights and no more city lights or tearing up the dance floor level socialising, the whole thing just got a bit… boring?

It’s a perfectly natural response, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation. Of course there are external factors, like stress and conflict, that affect the quality and variety of our sex lives, but if we’re in a good position (pardon the pun) and simply looking for inspirational ideas to stimulate a bit of creativity in the bedroom, Cherrydtv has answers. 

5 Hot tips to spice up your sex life


The key to breathing life into a relationship is to take it back to the early days when it was just getting started. So, leaning in to this mindset, try to picture how you’d communicate if you time travelled all the way back to setting up your first date. Guaranteed the number one thing you’d do more of is flirt. And the beauty of the fact that you’re actually safe and secure in your relationship, is that you can go ahead and flirt your *peach emoji* off without the slightest fear of rejection.

We suggest sending steamy texts when you’re apart, backing the playfulness up with fun selfies, and a bit of risqué wordplay on social media because perhaps the only thing better than flirting in private is hiding it in plain sight. 


Okay so you started off a little rusty with the flirting but with a bit of practice you’ve nailed it. Instead of heading straight for the bedroom and diving under the sheets now that the temperature is rising, let’s tease this out a bit with a good old fashioned date night. It might seem cliché but it’s cliché because it works. Only we’re doing this a little differently, so let’s skip the traditional restaurant setting and pick a location or activity that really gets both parties excited. This doesn’t necessarily mean adrenaline rush, although a skydive could be the ultimate foreplay.

How about an art gallery? surf lesson? stand up paddle? or bike ride? 


If you can take it super spicy we recommend adding an element of role play or fantasy to the date night. We see you rolling your eyes at this well worn How To Spice It Up suggestion but there’s a whole spectrum of ways to do this and feel comfortable with it. Anything from dirty talk, to a hot outfit, to full blown cosplay and the age old tradition of rocking up to a hotel bar but not letting on to a single other soul who you both really are. 



Don’t yawn, this is important. Especially if you really want to hit the spot with number 3 above. The thing about talking is that it clears the blocks we mentioned when we touched on stress and conflicts in a relationship, and their impact on our sex lives. It will also come as no surprise to you that as sex is a mental game for women (Venus), it’s in the best interests of men (Mars) to be fully present in the lead up to sex as if it were a conscious act of actual foreplay. 


Yes, we are encouraging you to play with fire. As you get confident with increasing the spice levels at home we suggest investing in some battery operated appliances to fan the flames. Actually if this is new territory for you we suggest starting with a simple three spike pinwheel. It’s the most suitable sex toy to try out as a beginner – simply roll it across your partner’s skin, applying as much or as little pressure as you both desire. Next we’d add in a paddle or light whip for some impact play. It’s potentially not too far removed from your usual routine, plus it’s safe and low risk. Moving up the thermometer from here we hope you’ll be game enough to add in an electric stinger wand. Walking the deliciously fine line between pleasure and pain this sends an intense but safe flow of electricity to whichever body part it’s applied to!!

The only rules here are that there are no rules – it’s your body, your relationship, your home, and your future. Get intimate with each other, get knowledgeable about just how far up to the line (and across it) you can take that intimacy, and report back in the comments because we want to live vicariously through you and that means hearing exactly what kind of mischief you got up to. Hope the tips to spice up your sex life was helpful.

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