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How Sex Keeps Us Healthy

Foreplay: At CherryDTV we’re passionate about uplifting businesses and individuals within the adult entertainment industry. Mental health and wellness are an important part of the bigger picture and in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at how sex keeps us healthy and how sexual wellness plays in the journey to holistic wellbeing.

Sexual Wellness is made up of four key areas:
?Sexuality, intimacy and relationships
?gender/sexual identity
?and sexual health

It is basically a blend of physical state, mental state, and social well-being, that has a connection to sexuality and also has the potential to be impacted by spirituality, personal values, lived experiences and cultural background.

On Doing The Deed

Mental & Emotional Health tend to have a direct impact on our sexual wellness – and it’s a two way street. As you’ve no doubt experienced yourself, particularly after one of the most stress inducing years in recent history, feeling confident in our own skin, and happy within ourselves at an emotional and physical level, both contribute greatly to our sexual appetite.

This is why it’s completely normal for a bad day in the outside world to make its way home, head straight for the bedroom, and shut the door on any form of sexual activity.
For a lasting and holistic reduction in depression and anxiety, sexual wellness has to be a priority.
Immune System sexual wellness benefits primarily come from the fact that sex boosts your body’s ability to make protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other common illnesses. 

Quality Of Sleep is hugely improved by having sex with a partner, or yourself, before bed. The bedroom is made for sleep & sex after all. It’s another two way street where good sleep leads to a healthy sex life and a healthy sex life in turn leads to good sleep.


Physical Health also improves when sexual wellness is prioritised. Rebel Wilson wasn’t joking when she quipped about the exercise she was getting in with then beau Jacob Busch contributing to her well documented Year Of Health. In fact the balance of both is critical optimum mental, physical and sexual health. For men, a recent study found that those who have sex more than twice a week have a lesser risk of heart attacks than men who have sex less than once a month.

Relationships are the number one area most deeply affected by out sexual health and wellbeing.
They’re also at greater risk of harm and (self) sabotage when negative and unhealthy associations with sex are left unaddressed. These issues then take the shine off of our quality of life, and adversely affect our wellbeing. 

The practical aspects of maintaining a relationship, like housework and the dreaded communication, can get in the way too. But although it’s not really sexy at first glance, communication is actually the secret ingredient to an amazing sex life.

By communicating sexual boundaries, openly discussing pleasure, new, innovative sex toys, g-spots and sweet spots with our partners, we’re giving ourselves permission to explore, and increasing the frequency of deep sexual satisfaction which in turn vastly improves our sexual wellness.

One key aspect is definitely to keep it fun – and to forget what we were taught, or not taught, at school and at watching and learning from our peers and our parents.

Instead we need to focus on the element of escapism from the world outside, and get lost in ourselves or in each other. Satisfy our cravings for intimacy and our need for the sweet release of truly letting go in the ultimate and most literal way possible.

The Climax

At CherryDTV we know for a fact that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to this, which is why we we’re out here researching the best possible cutting edge articles and resources for this community we’re building within the Adult Entertainment Industry. 

Check back for more insights over the coming weeks and if you have stories to tell share them with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.

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