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How To Get Started In The Adult Entertainment Industry?

If you’re here because you’re curious about getting started in the Adult Entertainment industry you’ve come to the right place. Grab a mug, a couple of cushions and get ready for The Tea.

The beauty of getting this advice from us here at CherryDTV is that you’re getting knowledge first hand from Cherry Dana herself and other industry professionals. As you may know Cherry has been a pioneer of the industry for 12 years now, starting at the age of 22 fresh out of Newcastle and now putting her experience to good use uplifting strippers, dancers and sex workers by creating this online space packed with everything from blogs, videos and informative content on mental health – to industry advice, peer to peer how-tos, and relatable stories about the real people she surrounds herself with.

Hers is a success story, but she’ll tell you straight, that this is because she’s chosen to work at it. In fact her number one piece of advice is to get clear on your motivation and the fact that this needs to be a long term career move not a Pretty Woman inspired get rich quick scheme.

“It takes time, energy and effort. Depending on what role you want to play it can take a toll emotionally and mentally but if you stick with it and treat it like a business ~ which it is ~ then you will be rewarded with incredible opportunities for financial and personal growth.”

It’s worth noting that working in porn movies, nude or partially nude photoshoots, and creating digital content are less about your body shape and how you look and more about your confidence shining through in everything you do. For porn in particular you don’t need a perfect body. Fit is good but this isn’t traditional modeling: real is what sells so your perceived flaws are what make you unique and authentic. Plus there are a million kinks and fetuses out there, you never know whose box you might be ticking.

It’s best to start small and get comfortable doing work that feels natural. Instagram is a great place to start, try out your skills on both sides of the camera and test your audience to see what works and what doesn’t, moving from photos to videos and interacting with people “in character” as you develop your persona and personal brand.

Of course the goal is to get a lucky break with top tier players like Playboy, Penthouse, Vivid and Hustler, but get some experience under your belt as you work your way up to them.

Find yourself a community too. Other entertainers on the same journey but at different stages have priceless information to pass on from learning lessons on the ground. You’ll be mentoring others soon enough and you can see that this flow of support and communication is what strengthens the industry. It’s also critical to your wellbeing that you have people to talk to who get it. Even if your family and friends are supportive they can’t answer some of the wild questions that you’ll be faced with when you get started. Like the practicalities of nude waitressing, and where to shop for your wardrobe and accessories to get maximum impact without breaking the bank.

Keep your head up at castings and check in here at CherryDTV for news, updates and spotlights on people to follow and connect with in the adult entertainment industry.

Build your portfolio as you build your social media presence. Create your own unique hashtag and add pictures and video footage to it. It’s extremely competitive out there, so have a selection of your best clips and shots ready to send out for opportunities so you’re first in line when people are hiring.

Keep them up to date too, the newer the better and it’s a great look for you to be all over these details as you’re starting out and trying to make the best impression.

Be honest about your boundaries. Stay open, positive and enthusiastic, but communicate early on what you’re comfortable with (or not) so you remain professional and don’t waste time once a job has started and there are deadlines to meet.

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Condoms? Anal? Bondage?

Research. Decide. Communicate.

Where are you on your journey at this point?

Just looking? Just starting?
Just starting to get good jobs?

And what information could we share to help you get started in the adult entertainment industry?

Tell us in the comments below and we’ll get it up on the website asap as part of our pledge to support, educate and inspire the CherryDTV community.

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