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How To Maintain Healthy Connections With The People We Love

In the Adult Entertainment industry we rely on personal interactions and physical connection for our careers which can be a tricky dynamic to maintain healthy relationships with the people we love ~ but it is important that we do so if we want to keep our mental health on a positive track long term.

The reality of social distancing, Covid-19 restrictions, and the impact 2020 has had on the Adult Entertainment industry specifically, has been overwhelming for many of us and simple shifts like regular zoom calls ~ which allow us to see facial expressions and body language to read moods and get a deeper, more effective connection. This has ohelped us to share our emotional experience and check in with family members in place of spending actual face to face time with the people we’re close to.

There has been a global rise in people feeling lonely and disconnected during these times and although the pandemic has affected everyone differently, for Adult Entertainment and Sex Workers in Australia the feelings of anxiety and powerlessness have been real. 

At CherryDTV we encourage Sex Workers and Adult Entertainers to reach out to friends and family, and to us too. Check in, keep it real, make a point of asking each other and ourselves ARE YOU OKAY, and give the full, honest answer to that question.

It’s important ~ even if it’s not easy ~ to maintain healthy relationships and minimize the tensions around these important people in our lives, especially those relationships outside of our regular social circle.

At CherryDTV we love that 2020 brought us closer together with people who are geographically far away from us and we want to share these creative ideas for strengthening connections, even after lockdown and COVID have left the building:

  • Have a virtual date night.

This could be with a friend or even another couple and even the act of setting yourself up for an evening if favourite foods, drinks and people is a simple but significant act of self care that has long lasting effects on our mental health.

  • Start a new activity together.

Virtual book clubs are great and if you think they’re stuffy and boring choose people and books that suit your individual tastes and needs.

  • Watch a series together.

Get some popcorn in and host a watching party of your favourite cliff hanger or trashy TV. Watching parties took off during lockdown with some groups live tweeting and going viral for their witty takedowns, great exposure from a profile raising perspective and the perfect mix of pleasure with potential business.

  • Play together.

Think zoom workouts, wordplay apps, online card games or the super popular We’re Not Really Strangers.

  • Learn something new together.

Like a language, or new skill ~ cooking, art, crafts, weaving, or creative writing

If you’re in a good place yourself as you ready this then we’d love you to take this as a sign to send a simple text message or make a call to let a person you care about know that you are thinking of them. It’s a potential lifeline that can bring much needed assurance and positive energy.

If you’re not in a good place then we want you to know that You Matter. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

If you want to reach out and share your experience or creative ideas for connecting in the comments below we’d love to hear from you.

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