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Social Comedown v Social Hangover

Social hangover is the classic introverts’ post party exhaustion, and social comedowns are the polar opposite extroverts’ post party high CRASH.

The importance of differentiating between the two is the need for self realisation to pinpoint the best possible self care for the individual. 

At CherryDTV we talk a lot about supporting our peers in the Adult Entertainment industry, as there are no standard workplace regulations to protect and guide through one of the nation’s most complex industries. Our aim is to spark relevant conversations, inspire introspection, and be a resource for this community. As we figure out some of the issues our colleagues face, we’ll also be providing helpful holistic solutions ~ and mental health is one of the areas we’re most passionate about.

Today we’re identifying your personality type, seeing how it sits with the way you work, and figuring out how to make it work for you. 

Let’s start with introverts and the well documented social hangover phenomenon. If you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last few years you’ve probably noticed a trend in memes that reference being “all peopled out” or needing to get away from crowds to clear your head after socialising. It’s actually not all that new, Charles Bukowski famously wrote “people empty me, I have to get away to refill.” And that need to refill is the social hangover cure we’re talking about here ~ let’s call it carbs for the soul. If you’re working in the Adult Entertainment industry in a job that means you’re face to face and entertaining clients, either one on one or in small groups, chances are at the end of a busy period you’re experiencing some sort of mental fatigue.

This is completely normal, even with impact of coronavirus and the transition to working remotely and online, the same exhaustion can still be felt. If you’re a self diagnosed introvert or grappling with any mental health issues, then the impact will be more pronounced; so if the grand plan is to have longevity in this industry, you need to think about prioritising and committing to making the following self care practices a part of your daily//weekly//monthly//quarterly//biannual//yearly routine:

It’s not easy but it is necessary, and it starts with the ability to comfortably say no when you need to say no, and yes when you need to start yes

  • conscious scheduling ~ proactively managing your calendar.

Be aware of the dates you’re more inclined to be vulnerable to burnout, and carefully select which clients you see around those dates, in which setting, and how long for

  • down time ~ learn to rest not to quit.

Make appointments with yourself as well as your clients and pledge to honour them; massages, friend time, healthy morning and meditation rituals; pit stops for soul fuel

If you’re an extrovert, much of the above might be completely alien to you, but the feeling of crashing after socialising is still something you’ll relate to. Extroverts tend to thrive off of the energy of the people around them. The social high is uplifting and energising and when the stimulant is removed the physical sensations are the complete opposite. This means that, while you can party hard and pack the work hours in, you must avoid the temptation to try and outrun the comedown by rarely stopping for a breather.

The key here is to compassionately manage your downtime and make it about activities that give you the same buzz, but from a different source. If the goal for you is to make working in the Adult Entertainment industry a career, rather than a short term job, you’ll love these self care tips from our very own resident extrovert Cherry Dana herself:

  • sit with it ~ like any other social hangover there’s nowhere to hide.

So get comfortable being uncomfortable and make it a personal mission to enjoy time alone, and the feelings of self empowerment that come from mastering this key self care//self love life skill

  • talk it out ~ the best thing we can do with any mental health issue is to talk about it.

You are not alone and realising this is half the battle won, so discuss your experiences, get some tips from your fellow extroverts, and help others while helping yourself by starting a conversation that matters

  • plan for it ~ literally take out insurance for the crash.

If you know it’s coming, stock up on what you need to at home so you’re in the best possible position for a quick recovery; this could be healthy foods instead of junk, magnesium salts for a nourishing bath and deep sleep, or facetimes and phone calls with the members of your inner circle who just get it.  

So – which one are you? An introvert making it work, or an extrovert so hooked on the highs of the job that taking a break is a real shock to the system?

Whichever it is, try a few of these suggested self care tips and report back in the comments ~ we’d love to know how you get on and hear about your experiences of balancing Social Comedowns v Social Hangovers with your workload. 

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