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4 Ways To Strengthen & Re-Route Your Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is your life force that connects you to your soul point and the cosmos. … To put it simply, being in touch with our sexual energy put us in touch with our most authentic selves in a happy, healthy, mindful way.

Here are 4 ways to strengthen and re-route your sexual energy

1. Breathing.
The average person breathes approximately 1 pint (0.5L) of oxygen every inhale, but our lungs have the capacity to hold 7 pints. Our bodies utilise an infinitesimal amount of energy from food. We receive more energy from breathing in oxygen (Prana).

Conscious breathing is a state altering exercise as DMT (Endogenous Dimethyltryptamine) is largely produced inside our lungs. Extended sessions of rhythmic breathing oxygenates our organs, increases heart health and floods the brain with feel good endorphins. Breathing activates dormant neurons while expanding your awareness.

If you struggle closing the tabs within your mind, breathing exercises will benefit you! Mental relaxation is just as important as physical relaxation and watching Netflix won’t do it for you. Wim Hof method breathing is my absolute favourite – he has a free app and guided videos on Youtube – Explore the different types of breathing exercises out there and find the one that works best for you!

2. Running.
Medical professionals emphasise the importance of exercise like running or jogging because you can create a great environment for growth hormones to develop.Human growth hormones help hormonal balance, cell maintenance and regeneration which keep us healthy, strong & youthful. HIIT improves insulin sensitivity, a great result for your waistline and any risk of serious disease.

Exercising after a session of conscious breathing will have you running those extra miles and increasing your reps when lifting. Running can be a mental exercise because your self talk can be chattering away, telling you to stop, or encouraging you to power on – you will know when you’ve hit the sweet spot when you find yourself not thinking at all.

3. Yoga.
Movement that opens the hips and lengthens the spine gives your powerful sexual energy a more direct pathway to travel up and into your brain. After a session of exercise and conscious breathing your body to circulates energy easily & effectively.

Assisting in deeper and longer pleasurable stretches because your muscles are more elastic and malleable. Clenching and releasing your pelvic floor whilst stretching, will help you notice the connection between your root chakra and the pineal gland.

As you clench your pelvic floor, you should feel a surge of energy beaming up your spine and into the centre of your forehead – if you don’t, that’s okay, keep practicing.


4. Self Pleasure.
Slow, gentle edging without external visual help or fantasization can increase the sensitivity of your genitals and optimise your performance in the bedroom.

All you have to do is lay back, caress yourself and notice how deep the sensation of your touch goes.

Be aware of your breathing, take notice of your heart beating and relax your body – doing so will cool you down so to speak and move you into a plateau of bliss and ecstasy.

The goal for masturbation with awareness is to enjoy every moment with no expectations or desire to finish/ejaculate. The fun is in the exploration.

If you get too hot and feel that you are close to climax, wind it down and take some long deep breaths to cool off. Perhaps focus on another erogenous zone. Feel your cellular sensitivity rather than the friction of sensation. See if you can edge long enough so that the idea of reaching that hot and tense orgasm feels mundane compared to the relaxing, enthralling sensations of ecstasy.

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