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Cum Shame, it’s not evil, dirty or nasty

Far too often after the climax at the end of a session, clients, let’s call them “John” will experience cum shame. Cum shame can be explained as a feeling of guilt, embarrassment or shame after ejaculation.

Before the big finale, John feels excited, enthusiastic and passionate about what is happening. So how is it that after such a high, John plummets into what seems to be an existential crisis?
Cum shame happens not only within BDSM, but within all areas of adult work, normie hook-ups and even after watching porn. A part of John wants it, but a conflicting part is telling him that he shouldn’t.

In school, if you were lucky you learnt the sexual reproduction functions of the genitals and a short briefing of STI’s and contraception which will give you positive attitude about sex and related topics. If you went to a religious school, you were probably taught that celibacy is the only way to stay “pure” for your spouse.

Neglecting to talk about the broad spectrum of sexuality and the energetic healing capabilities of the sacred sex organs, leads to self education through adult media and entertainment. Personally, Girlfriend magazine was my teacher.

Sex is not evil, dirty or nasty and if a child sees a parental figure reacting to sex in a negative or awkward way they are unconsciously programming that child’s beliefs around sex, teaching them that it is something icky and shameful, which can lead to problems within relationships as they get older.

Sex is normal and a loving expression of creation, most of us are all on this Earth today because our parents fucked which is the truth and fact. Embrace what turns you on and feel good about knowing what it is that makes you hot and never feel embarrassed of sex.

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