Fun & Easy Ways To Strengthen The Connection Between Lovers
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Fun & Easy Ways To Strengthen The Connection Between Lovers

Over time and even at the beginning of a relationship, the polarity between a couple may feel a bit awkward and shy. This is so normal and to be expected. If you’re looking to strengthen the connection between you and your lover/s here are a few FUN practices that I’ve used that served me with excellent results. I have listed below the Fun & Easy Ways To Strengthen The Connection Between Lovers.

Eye Gazing. 
Sit across from each other at a comfortable distance where you can easily focus on each other’s eyes. Pick only one eye that feels the best for you to focus on. Stare into the eye without blinking for as long as possible, the longer you can stare, the stronger the connection. Be aware of tension in your body while you do this and relax. You may cry or you may giggle, that’s ok, let it happen. It’s a good thing. Your faces may morph and look grotesque, that’s ok, keep staring with love. 

Dancing is an expression of life. When we dance, we allow the universe to flow & express itself through us. I’ve met people who feel awkward to even dance alone when no one’s looking. I say, feel the fear and do it anyway! There are no rules when it comes to dance. Put an album on that pumps you up and move however you like. I’ve been to ecstatic dance meetups where I have watched persons flap around on the ground like a fish out of water – if it feels good, do it! 

I talk a lot about the importance of breathing, for good reason. Ancient tribes throughout history would get together for ceremonies and breathe for hours. They said that the rhythmic breathing synchronised their minds and would allow them to make easily agreeable group decisions. I love to mix breathing and eye gazing together. 

Make time for mutual interests. 
Find something you both enjoy, whether it’s golf, running, arts & crafts, drifting, sex or whatever – plan a day or a couple of hours to do things together that both bring you joy.

Overall, the best thing to strengthen a connection within a relationship is to be present with one and other. Sit, listen and speak. At the core of all humans, we want to be seen and understood. Just being there for someone is the biggest thing we can do to allow someone to know we care.

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