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Money Manifestation Using Your Life-Force

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If you could make more money and climax while you do it, you would want to learn, right? Here’s how you can obtain money manifestation using your life force energy.

I’m not talking about selling sex, although that does work, what if I told you that your sexual energy could be harnessed and utilised within your prospering business activities for money manifestation.

The concept of money and sexual energy being related is widely unknown.

The esoteric theory for the purpose of sexual energy is way bigger and more powerful than pleasure and reproduction. Sexual energy is creation or “Life Force” energy that fuels existence whether we realize it or not.

Here are 4 easy steps you can use daily to harness and utilise your sexual energy and to make money manifestation happen

1. Connect with inner self

Place both hands on your belly area and focus your attention inward. Slowly and deeply breathe into your belly 3 times. Making each inhale and exhale as even as possible. Observe the rise and fall of each breathe. This simple breathing technique activates your parasympathetic nervous system, releasing natural endorphins which help you relax and feel good.

2. Intensify and direct the energy using breath

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Once you have mastered awareness of breath in Step 1, continue breathing into your belly whilst focusing on your heart center. Imagine the flow of air circulating inside and intensifying. Allow the energy to spread into your emotional, physical and spiritual body as you imagine the energy being directed towards your desired goal via your heart center.

3. Be present

It’s natural for your mind to wander. This exercise is also a game of focused intention, with an aim of catching yourself when you notice yourself drifting. Coming back to present is easy when you remember to look inwards. Notice what sensations you’re feeling, is there any tingling or maybe even limbs warming as you breathe consciously? Are there any thoughts running through your mind? If so, that’s okay, don’t judge them, let them go and come back to self and your breathing.

4. Partner your awareness with your sexual energy

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Now that you’re coming from a place of total awareness and connectedness with self and your goal, it’s time to light the fire of your life force energy. That means you can begin to pleasure yourself in a way that is best for you. You could even do this practice with a loving partner. Remember that your aim is to stay focused with directing your generated energy towards your goal the entire time! Imagine a circuit of energy from your genitals connecting to the heart, and with your breath, the energy builds and overflows out your hear center into your goal, breathing it to life.

When you add this simple exercise to your daily routine not only will you achieve your goals in record time, you also strengthen your focus, gain mental clarity and are able to make positive decisions faster, because your self awareness is amplified.

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