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Here’s the list of Pre Sex Ice-breakers by CherryDTV

Sex can feel a little awkward in the beginning, especially if it’s the first time in a long while.

Establishing a pre sex ritual helps you to loosen up & get comfortable with your lover. Relaxation is the best state one can be in to feel the ultimate pleasure of sex.

Here’s the list of Pre Sex Ice-breakers by CherryDTV:

Healthy competition is sexy. 
Play a game before hand, it could be chess, a running race, or even strip poker. Playing a game gives plenty of time for cheeky banter & flirting. 

Clear communication and consent gets a gal wet. 
Discuss what you’re both in the mood for over a bottle of wine. Knowing what’s good and what’s off the table eliminates having to ask if something is okay or not whilst having sex, which can be a turn off for some.

I’ve said it before and I’ll likely continue to say it! Dancing is great for shaking off anxieties because if you can silly dance infront of your partner, you’ll feel more comfortable to express your pleasure in the bedroom. Give each other lap dances if that takes your fancy – avoid seriousness, make it fun & theatrical. 

Shower together. 
Cleaning each other is a great way to bond before getting sexy. Hygiene and clean buttholes are HOT. You could even brush each others teeth if you that kinda freak ? 

Eye Gazing. 
Yes, I’m mentioning eye gazing again and for good reason. Eyes are the windows to the soul and if you’ve ever eye gazed on hallucinogens you know what I’m saying. Eye gazing tears down your protective walls that shield you from the fear of being seen. When you eye gaze, there’s no running away from that adoring soul sitting right in front of you. You’re forced to feel all the love and you deserve it! Hope the Pre Sex Ice-breakers helps you!

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