PTSD and Sex Work, not many sex workers understand!
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PTSD and Sex Work, not many understand!

Most sex workers are not sex workers because they enjoy sex with strangers, some are sex workers out of financial necessity. Sex work and PTSD, not many understand.

I have met workers working to pay off their student debts, ones who are saving money to escape their abusive partners, single mothers who value the time flexibility, migrants who can’t work any other job and mentally ill persons who due to their instability can make big financial gains in short time periods to create for their basic needs, just to name a few.

My reason for beginning sex work at 18 years old was to move out of home and into my own space in Sydney. My home life was miserable, living with my clinically depressed mum, I felt that I had to leave ASAP or fear my life would end up the same.

Sex work is not an easy job, in fact it takes an incredible amount of communication skills, emotional and social intelligence, sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility. A down side of sex work is sometimes you can condition yourself to be dissociative from the environment around you and also your body.

Dissociation can happen when you’re involved in a situation that is traumatic, negative or conflicting to your values. Memories are stored holographically throughout our bodies as science has now discovered. Meaning that coming home from a long shift at a brothel and being greeted lovingly by a spouse can unconsciously trigger a stressful memory and cause tension in relationships. This happened to me before I found Time Line Therapy® and was able to delete all my negative triggers.

I would be having intimate moments with my partner then all of a sudden an intense wave of rage and overwhelm would storm my mind and I had no idea how to control or stop it. I would break down crying and lock myself in the bathroom torturing myself with feelings of shame and guilt. Thankfully my partner was empathetic, great at finding solutions and would offer me total support. Others aren’t as lucky, sex work and PTSD can destroy relationships.

Not many understand that when we form relationships with others, let alone be sexually involved with them, an energetic cord is created between you and them that sends and receives electric information.

Some of the cords we create can dissipate our energy making us feel mentally scattered and keep us locked into negative states and distorted relationships – other connections are supportive, positive & spiritual.

Be aware of the energetic cords you create throughout your lifetime and ask yourself “does this connection support my highest intention?” If it does not, there are steps you can take to sever the connections which will allow you to become your most positive, whole & fulfilled self.

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