Attract Abundance! Release Blocks! Clear your shit and make money.
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Attract Abundance, Release Blocks!

Clearing lower energetic blocks allow you to have a strong connection to the inner and outer vibrations of attracting what you want and will turbo charge any creative endeavor you wish to pursue. If you feel stuck and don’t know where you want to go in life, you might have some blocks weighing you down and blinding you from seeing your life’s potential. Release Blocks, Attract Abundance!

Blocks preventing abundance are interconnected with negative beliefs of self-worth, sexuality and basic reproductive functions. Not feeling good or worthy enough, negatively comparing yourself to others, not feeling like a good parent, negative programming from childhood – for example, growing up in a household that believed sex before marriage is sinful or that a woman’s period is dirty and even growing up in poverty can all be examples of unconscious beliefs from the past that are stopping one from being abundant now and these beliefs really are just things we say to ourselves that we don’t question or rewrite.


To access the overwhelming abundance that always surrounds you, a conscious reprogramming of your personal beliefs around your self-worth and sexuality is absolutely necessary!

Firstly you have to become aware of the dialogue/affirmations that you playback to yourself in certain situations. Or do you feel any shame or guilt for enjoying certain things in the bedroom? Are you repeatedly telling yourself you’re broke or that you’ll never find love again? Maybe you tell yourself you’ll be happy when you reach a certain weight, or do you only validate yourself when you’re desired by another? If you can relate, the very first thing you have to do to get where you want to be in life is you have to flip the script and feed yourself positive affirmations.

Change your language and you change your reality.

Instead of saying “I’m broke,” say to yourself “I’m healing and moving towards my financial goal of X every moment.” Instead of “I need to lose weight to be happy.” you could say “I love myself now, exactly how I am and I’m excited to take the steps to reach my dream body.” As you do this, you will notice how different the old, heavy phrase feels compared to the new, light feeling phrase that aligns with your conscious desires.

Opening yourself up to abundance is a process that can happen easily and fast when you begin embracing yourself for who you are, counting your blessings and most importantly consistently paying attention to the dialogue you have running through your mind! If it doesn’t feel right, flip it. Release Blocks, Attract Abundance!

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