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Etiquette When Hiring An Escort

Hiring an escort is not as simple as ordering a pizza, when you contact an escort, you’re not just ordering a service; you are entering into a verbal contract with another human being and an escort will have their own individual needs and standards when accepting a client, so making a positive first impression is essential.

If you send an absent-minded or convoluted email or text to an escort,
you probably won’t receive a response.
They will most likely assume that you’re wasting their time or
unsuited for their type of service.

Escorts will and do turn inquiries down, in-fact it’s extremely common because safety and enjoyment is a high priority.

Even if your booking is accepted, bad communication can result in poor service. If your escort has spent a long time dealing with difficult, vague messages and negotiation, the escort will have less energy to spend during your time together.

Booking an escort is kind of like asking someone out on a date, you want to present yourself in the best way possible. Escort are selective with who they see, so if you are not polite, they may be unresponsive and decline your inquiry.

When you come across as polite and earnest, an escort will take you seriously, be polite to you and spend more time and energy answering your questions and be more likely to accept your booking.

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Below are some essential steps when hiring an escort:

Introduce yourself
You don’t necessarily have to give your exact age or real name but it is polite to give yourself a name and a round-a-bout age. Be aware that some escorts screen a client by asking for identification. Say; “Hey, I’m Peter, 33. I saw your ad/website/a friend recommended me to you” etc

Request a date, time and location
To communicate your seriousness, request your preferred time and date and whether you prefer incall or out-call. Be aware that in some states in-call is unavailable by law.

Say; “I would like to book a 1.5 hour session for Saturday, 2pm or 6pm at your in-call location.” or “Are you available Saturday, 2pm or 6pm for 1.5 hours? Would you prefer to meet at my hotel or your preferred location?”

Ask for what you want
Ask for specific services and activities you’re interested in. Escorts are very open-minded and have usually heard it all before and most facilitate for fantasies, so don’t be shy. If they say ‘no’ to a specific request, don’t be offended – Everyone is different in what they like to do. Never try to push for something when your escort has said no, respect their boundaries.

Say; “I am interested in FS, with kissing and foot worship” or “I would like to experience foot worship, GS (golden shower) and full service (FS) with kissing, is this something you provide?”

Confirm price and preferred payment option
Most escorts prefer payment in cash and handed over in an envelope but it’s always safe to ask the individual.

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What not to do:

Use inappropriate or obscene language…. “Hey babe, u busy???” will get you ignored and blocked.

Asking questions when hiring an escort that have been covered in the advertisement, such as “how much do you charge?”

Asking for sex without a condomUnsafe sex is unsafe! It’s a potential health risk for the both of you. It’s not okay to ask an escort to lower their safety standards

Requesting photos – Some people ask for more pictures because they’re worried about being catfished – you can politely see more pictures by asking for their social media e.g Twitter. Or you can request more pictures with payment.

Last minute or late-night bookings – Most escorts, unless they’re touring, prefer to have notice. Check their ad and find their availability times.

• Negotiate about showering – Even if you have showered at home in preparation, jump in the shower again. Some escorts have a specific routine to prepare themselves and the space while you’re showering. Also, the cleaner you are, the more fun both of you will have.

• Give a step by step instructional for how you want the session – Doing this can put a lot of pressure on the escort and sometimes can set up unrealistic expectations on your part. It’s okay to give a brief description of how you want things to happen.

• Send porn without permission – You might have seen a porn scenario you would like to reenact and are wondering if the escort can offer this.. Always ask permission to share before you send.

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Arranging an escort takes thought and effort to ensure everything
goes well so the two of you can have a pleasurable time.
The more honest and straightforward you are,
the easier it is for all involved.

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I hope you find these tips helpful for when you are hiring an escort!

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