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Turn Your Partner On – 3 Simple Tips to Get Her in The Mood

I decided to write a post about this topic because I hear a lot from male friends say that they wish they could turn their partner on so they were having more sex with their partners and lovers.

Men generally have a higher sex drive compared to women and that’s because men can very easily be stimulated visually. A women can innocently bend over to pick something up and a male can enter into a sexual frenzy.

While women on the other hand, generally need more time and a variety of stimulation before she is ready for show time.

Here are 3 Tips that will help you get the wheels in motion for your lover and turn your partner on:


This is my personal favourite pre-sex activity that really gets me in the mood. You will always want to give a sincere massage. We can tell if your head isn’t in the game and if you’re lusting for the puss-puss.

We love when you completely focus on gently releasing our tension and rubbing our worries away. We endeavour to have you help us empty our mind with your hands.

More oil, the better, but everyone is different. So always ask whether they prefer oil or not. Take your time and enjoy exploring and watching her slippery body melt in your hands. Pay attention to what spots get her more excited and make her moan in pleasure. Teasing is fun and it will have her begging for more.

Pleasure Your Lover Without Touching Their Genitals

Talk to Her

When you think of her throughout the day, text her.

If you have reoccurring past memories or fantasises of the two of you, tell her.

If you have been craving to enjoy a certain activity with her, let her know!

Honesty and transparency are extremely sexy because clear communication empowers the both of you to know exactly where you stand and what’s okay and what’s not.
Doing this can unlock a gateway of back-and-forth intimate messaging.

‘Dirty talk’ throughout the day/week will create an enormous amount of excitement for the next time the two of you get together.

You can even swap sexy pictures and videos but please always remember to ask permission before sending!

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Turn Your Partner On Through Kissing


Kissing, when done with self-awareness and tenderness is so underrated. There have been countless times I’ve been so excited to hook up with someone only to be disappointed because the person in question shoves their whole tongue down my throat within seconds. Major turn-off!

Mastering the art of sensual kissing is not hard, you just need patience.

Avoid having expectations of where the kissing may lead.
Instead, fully immerse yourself in the sensation of your mouth against theirs.

Take. Your. Time. Wait until she is begging you to kiss her in other places.

Enjoy the scent of her breath, the taste of her tongue and the magnetic attraction flowing between the two of you.
Start slow and let it build, take turns being the leader and kiss in different positions.

We at CherryDTV love hearing your feedback. If you have tried any advice mentioned here for how to turn your partner on, we would love to hear from you. Reach out, don’t be a stranger xo

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