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Sydney’s Hottest Redhead Male Stripper

Ethan is Sydney’s only redhead firefighter male stripper and he has just answered the call to save your party..

Name: Ethan Everlast
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Dating
What are your social media handles? Ethan_Everlast

Job title within the industry:
Male Stripper for hens parties or special events.

Locations you work from.. either cities or venues etc
Chiseled and Charmed

Is this industry seen as a hobby or a serious career path for you?
It could go either way at the moment. It is the most enjoyable work I do.

What got you started in the Industry and how long have you been in it?
It’s been on and off for 3 and a half years. I came into the industry through a friend I worked with.
He seemed to think I had the personality for it. I tried it out and loved it.

Do you have a specific niche within the industry?
I guess if anyone’s into red heads

What are the top 3 most important things you have learnt from working within the industry?
Loyalty is important but always put yourself first Know when it’s time for a break.
Easy isn’t always easy.
There are always challenges with what you do

Do you have a particular set of skills/ interest or employment outside of the industry?
Not at the moment. Just enjoying life.

What is the most out there request you have received from a client and how much were they willing to pay? 
I was asked to wear my dick like a watch and got paid $50 for 2 minutes

What is something you have said no to doing in the industry? 
Brides have mentioned having a hall pass for the night and asked if I’d stay the night a few times. That’s always a big no go.

What are your hard limits or boundaries in the industry? 

At the moment, sex work because I’m in a relationship.

Can you describe how working in the industry makes you feel or how it has impacted your life? 
Given me a better self confidence. Financially has reduced certain stresses I’ve had.

Male Stripper

What was your first job like?
Wild – confusing but so much fun

What motivated you to begin in the industry?
I had just ended a relationship and it sounded fun so it was hard to say no

Whats one piece of advice you can give to someone thinking about starting in the industry?
Notice when people are taking advantage of you and find a better environment to work in.

What would it take for you to stay in the industry and what would have to happen for you to leave?
To leave the industry. I would have to either physically not be able to do it or get to an age where I might be at a point in my life where it stops being fun and exciting and starts being sad.
Like an old man acting like I’m in my 20s still.
To stay in the industry, the demand and work just needs to be there

What would you say to people who think that this is not a real job?
I’d probably ask them why it’s not a real job in their eyes. What about this makes you think it’s not? We provide a service and are paid for the service.

How do you re-energise outside of work? 

Sleep. I will just lounge around all Sunday and might go do some form of cardio.

How do you avoid burnout?
Work isn’t consistent. So that helps. Some days are 13 hour days and 500km driving.
Others are only 1 job

Let’s see what this does next… ??

It is inevitable at times to avoid bad situations at work. Have you ever had a bad experience at work and how did you manage it?
I always try to be diplomatic when answering questions. Never answer anything that could polarise a crowd. Prevents any uncomfortable-ness.

Do you feel the need to keep your physical appearance well maintained at all times?
100% if there is anything not high standard. You feel like you’re not doing your job.

What lengths do you go to to maintain your appearance and how much would you spend?
Gym, hair cuts and food/supplements are the biggest costs.

Do you make your own costumes or do you outsource them? What is your go to costume/outfit of choice?
Fireman – I outsourced my costume but I am on the hunt for a new fireman costume

Do you use ways to alter your physical appearance and why?

I take testosterone. It helps keep up with the physical appearances and keeping fit.

Has there ever been any moments you have been scared within the industry?
No, never!

How do you respond when you encounter a negative client, what strategies do you use to defuse a situation? 
Thankfully I haven’t had any negative clients. I’ve had to cover last minute for other guys and they have been disappointed. But ended up enjoying their night and recommending me to friends or leaving positive reviews.

How does working as a male stripper affect your dating life?
It hasn’t. If they don’t trust me to do this job. Then they don’t trust me enough to be in a relationship.

How did you come out to your family and friends regarding working in the industry?
Family, I brought them in slowly. Mentioned at work someone asked me to go in with them and then told them I was going to go in.

What is one positive and one negative you have taken from the industry?
Positive – has helped me with a sense of self worth
Negative – long drives can be a tiring when you’re driving for 8 hours and only have 2.5 hours worth Of jobs and are gone for 12-14 hours.

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