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Adult TOYS! How to safely clean & store them.

When you’re basking in the post-orgasmic bliss, how you’re going to clean the sex toys that just sent you over the edge is probably the last thing on your mind. But it’s actually so important.

Cleaning the toys prevents infections, as bacteria will linger if they aren’t cleaned. To ward off these infections, you should wash your sex toys regularly, before and after every time you use them.

When buying a toy, find out what it’s made of, since its material and the possible electronics will determine how it can be washed. This information is usually found on the products packaging, but if not you can ask the shop assistant to conduct a product search.

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When choosing the sex toys right for you – here are some things you will want to consider:

Porous vs. non-porous materials.

Avoid porous toys, which can gather bacteria inside the toy even after cleaning. This includes materials such as TPE or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Non-porous toys, on the other hand, are safer and include materials such as medical-grade silicone, glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and Pyrex, even with non-porous toys, it’s best to use condoms if possible with every use.

Look for ‘medical grade’ materials.

Just because something is ‘body safe’ does not mean that it is medical grade, nor does ‘FDA approved,’
Believe it or not, in some cases, a sex toy will be FDA-approved as food. What you want to see is the term “medical grade.” It’s is the highest quality and the safest for your body!


Once you know what material your sex toy is made of, follow these guidelines.

Silicone, glass, stainless steel, or wood—and it’s motorised.

Use mild antibacterial soap you’d use on your body and a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean.

Silicone, Pyrex, stainless steel, or stone—and it’s not motorised.

For a deeper clean, place it in boiling water for 20 minutes, or run it through the dishwasher without soap – the hot water will sterilise the toy.


A little bit of Castile soap and warm water to clean it. Don’t use too much soap, the sudsing can damage the sensitive material.

Hard plastic, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), or jelly rubber.

These porous materials can still contain bacteria after washing with soap and water. So, use a condom if you’re going to share with a partner.


Wash in warm clean water with no soap or detergents. Carefully wipe off excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry flat. Lightly dust with talc before putting away.

Protection is important for sex toys too!

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One way to decrease that risk of an infection is to use a condom with your sex toy.

Using a condom will help decrease the risk of transferring bacteria, especially when sharing toys between partners. You’ll just want to make sure you use a condom-safe lube.

It’s all about storage when it comes to keeping them clean.

Once your toy is clean dry it off completely with a clean towel/paper towel and store it in a case or silk bag to protect it from other potential bacteria-laden items. If you didn’t keep the box, case, or bag your toy came in, there are plenty of options you can shop for online. Make sure the storage sealable, whether with a zipper, velcro, or a clip-top.
Something washable is an even better find to really keep the germs away.

Once it’s closed in its case, store your toy wherever you choose—some popular spots include the nightstand, a bathroom cabinet, or my personal favourite, the underwear drawer. Just be sure to keep your toy away from areas that may come in contact with oils, powders, and perfumes, so you don’t pick up any irritants that can end up in your body, damage your device, or both.

You could buy sex toy cleaners!

There are toy cleaners out there if you want to do the clean-up job from the comfort of your bed.

Buy water-based cleaners. Avoid oil-based and silicone-based cleaners because they’re known to break down silicone.

Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner – 125ml

  • Femplay Antibacterial Toy Cleaner is a spray pump cleaner for your non-latex toys. Containing pure essential eucalyptus oil, it is naturally antibacterial and is slightly scented giving a clean smell to your toys. This ensures that your toys are kept in a clean and healthy state ready for your next use. 
  • It is recommended that when cleaning your toys, carefully check for any breakages and tears, remove batteries and then clean and store in a suitable area. To use, spray liberal amounts of toy cleaner onto your toy, rinse with water and let dry. Voila! A clean and ready to use toy. 
  • Made in Australia

ToyLife Foaming Toy Cleaner

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL SOLUTION: ToyLife anti-bacterial toy cleaner is an effective solution that makes aftercare a snap. Just a few sprays will leave your toys looking and feeling as good as new.
  • A SPRAY THAT FOAMS: With its perfectly engineered dispenser, ToyLife pumps out the ideal amount of solution every single time. Unlike traditional bottle designs which can be both hazardous and wasteful, the foaming spray dispenser is compact.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Made with only the purest and highest quality ingredients, ToyLife is not only effective but extremely safe to use. It’s gentle and non-irritating ingredients thoroughly sanitize a variety of surfaces effectively disposing of germs.

Lovehoney Fresh Adult Toy Cleaner

  • Water-based formula makes it safe for use will all kinds of toys; Whether they’re silicone, PVC, glass, plastic, rubber and even metal. Your toys will be safe with this specially formulated Lovehoney toy cleaner.
  • Vegan friendly: No need to double-check the packaging before use;
  • This lubricant is entirely in accordance with vegan dietary requirements.
  • Easy to use spray nozzle for accurate application; Simple pump spray ensures this toy cleaner is easy to use and the transparent bottle allows you to know when you need a refill. 

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