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Meet Daisy -Showgirl and Director of The Peach Pole Studio

Stage Name: Daisy Peach
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Showgirl and Director of The Peach Pole Studio

Peach Pole Studio

What are your social media handles? @daisyadellebastick

Locations you work from, either cities or venues etc:
Central Coast and Sydney

Is this industry seen as a hobby or a serious career path for you? 
Serious career path

What got you started in the Industry and how long have you been in it? 
I started doing pole dancing classes for fun at Bobbis Pole Studio when it opened. That was over 17 years ago maybe! I started pole teaching, performing, then topless waitressing and stripping

Do you have a specific niche within the industry? 
Not specifically.

What are the top 3 most important things you have learnt from working within the industry? 
1) Set & know rules and boundaries and stick to them
2) Get deposits, and get paid as soon as you turn up to jobs
3) expect the unexpected and prepare for it

Do you have a particular set of skills/ interest or employment outside of the industry? 
I have a background in Marketing

What is the most out there request you have received from a client and how much were they willing to pay? 
Probably propositioned for sex for $2k which I declined

What is something you have said no to doing in the industry? 
Blow jobs at a waitressing job

What are your hard limits or boundaries in the industry? 
I personally won’t do anything further than an R rated strip show. I won’t undercut show costs.

Can you describe how working in the industry makes you feel or how it has impacted your life? 
On the whole, its been fun and fabulous! Its been a wild ride of going to many glamorous (and not so glamorous) places and meeting some super interesting people. I have loved the variety it has brought into my life, shows, gigs, travel, tv & print work, parties – ahhhhh the parties!

I think it sent me on a discovery of self love and finding myself and for that I will be forever grateful.

What was your first job like? 
I was super nervous and thought no one would want to see a small boobed blonde girl half naked. Boy was I wrong!

What motivated you to begin in the industry? 
Another stripper tried to talk me into coming to waitress for her for a really long time, one time I thought – well, just give it a go – if you don’t like it you never have to do it again. I woke up feeling exactly the same as I had the day before…… but with way more cash

Whats one piece of advice you can give to someone thinking about starting in the industry? 
Get as much info as you can. Be prepared and smart. There is a lot of glamorisation about the industry – and yes its fun but its also hard. You need to be smart and have the thick skin. If you are going to go down the dancing avenue – get some private lessons and chat to some teachers/ showgirls/ strippers about any advice they can give you.

What would it take for you to stay in the industry and what would have to happen for you to leave? I’m still here…. just dip my toe in and out and pick and choose gigs – but i pulled back to run my studio so I organically kind of phased out of a lot of stripping work. Not doing it every week does make me miss it. If I had a bad experience I wouldn’t hesitate to not do any more shows – its nice to have your weekends back to yourself too!

What would you say to people who think that this is not a real job? 
Pretty frustrating response. Possibly explain the amount of hours that we work UNPAID, and that part of the job is making everyone believe the fantasy that it’s the best and fun and easiest job in the world.

How do you re-energise outside of work? 
Socialising with friends, time with my bull terrier at the beach, time alone.

How do you avoid burnout? 
You need to step back as I feel its easy to burn out from stripping work if its your full time job (or anything you do full time) Regular breaks, other side hustles, hobbies and friends unrelated to the industry….. ALCOHOL haha.

It is inevitable at times to avoid bad situations at work. Have you ever had a bad experience at work and how did you manage it? 
Yes I’ve had a few. I’ve had to leave the jobs early. There’s no rule book for this stuff unfortunately and I kinda feel like people brush it off like its ‘just part of the job’ with us if its sexual harassment or incidences, but that doesn’t make it feel different to you if you’re the one being violated. I would talk it out with other friends in the industry.

Do you feel the need to keep your physical appearance well maintained at all times? 
Yes I do. I feel like this is a super important part of the job. One of the best showgirls once said to me
“You don’t have to light your ass on fire doing all those tricks… you just have to be hotter than their girlfriend” and that always stuck with me

What lengths do you go to to maintain your appearance and how much would you spend? 
I have a PT twice a week, then train at my peach pole studio and home as well. But yeah, makeup, tans, hair – its expensive!

Do you make your own costumes or do you outsource them? What is your go to costume/outfit of choice? 
I cannot sew to save myself so I always buy a fully made costume – Georgia Moon, electric Ages or put together pieces. I think people will be surprised to know you can spend between $150-$1000 easily on a costume.

Do you use ways to alter your physical appearance ie: Botox/ Surgery/ Steroids and why?
Oh yeah everyone needs a little tweak of botox and filler for sure! But I still go down the ‘natural’ look as thats just who I am. I don’t have any implants. I have considered it over the years but they aren’t for me.

Has there ever been any moments you have been scared within the industry? 
Yes I’ve been sexually assaulted and also been at 2 jobs where huge fights have broken out and left us running down the hall ways being chased.

How do you respond when you encounter a negative client, what strategies do you use to defuse a situation? 
Depends on the situation. I used to pander to this to make them happy but now I just stick to my guns and do my thing and then move on.

How does working in the industry affect your dating life?
I feel like it’s difficult for some people to get their head around. It brings in challenges that’s for sure. I have mostly been single in the industry and I do find it’s easier. If you find and have a supportive partner who realises its all ‘just a job’ – you have good days and bad days like everyone else, it’s fine. Sometimes it intimidates people, or sometimes they are ‘too keen’ about it too. All a turn off. we are just regular people too.

How did you come out to your family and friends regarding working in the industry? 
Did I come out? LOL!!! I have a lot of friends in the industry and I think it just became common knowledge. It’s very hard to keep it a secret these days but to social media. Im not sure I would want it to be. I am who I am and I try and own that in every sense (as challenging as it is) – and this is one way I try to. This is me.

What is one positive and one negative you have taken from the industry:
Positive: Its fucking fun Negative: It can be a real ball ache.

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