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If you have lost interest in sex, or still have the interest, but your penis is no longer up to the job, alcohol may be the culprit. Problems of this nature are quite common, and although there can be other reasons for them, drinking too much alcohol is pretty high on the list.

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Is Alcohol Destroying Your Sex Life?

Although a few drinks every now and again are unlikely to cause any problems, drinking too much alcohol too often can cause your testosterone levels to drop. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, so it’s not so surprising that low testosterone can result in low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Alcohol is not the only culprit either. Some drinks have other compounds in them that can disrupt testosterone production. Moderation is the key. Being up for a drink too often can turn you into a lover who is down for the count.

So, how much is alcohol is too much? The good news is, if you only drink two or three beers per day, you and your libido should get along just fine. However, if you are regularly drinking more than three beers per day or the equivalent in wine or spirits, that may be why you are no longer “the man” you used to be.

It’s Not Just the Alcohol in Drinks That Ruins Your Sex Life

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Most people are familiar with the term “brewer’s droop.” It’s often used for describing the after-effects of too much “drink.” However, although beer is brewed at breweries, other types of alcoholic drink are not. Wine is produced at wineries and whiskey, and other spirits are distilled in distilleries.

It’s important to make these distinctions because brewer’s droop is actually a term that best used in relation to the consequences of drinking too much beer. Believe it or not, it’s actually not just the alcohol content that’s the problem with beer. It contains additional compounds that can take a man out of commission and ruin his sex life.

The barley and hops that are integral to the beer making procedure are sources of prolactin and phytoestrogen. Both compounds have the potential to raise estrogen levels. Estrogen is the female sex hormone. Although it is natural for men to have a certain amount of estrogen in their bodies, the amount present is normally very low. When male estrogen levels become unusually high it can cause a number of problems including low testosterone and infertility.


Despite the lack of barley and hops, wine contains phytoestrogen as well. It’s also present in bourbon and some other alcoholic drinks. Switching to another type of drink will not help. Regardless of where it comes from, alcohol is the main reason too much Dutch courage can result in missed opportunities and sexual frustration.

It can even shrink the testicles. The high-calorie nature of alcohol is also an issue. Each gram contains seven calories. That’s just two grams less than a gram of fat provides and calories can add up fast, leading to weight gain.

Being overweight is not good for health, but there’s another consideration that needs to be taken into consideration. When you are overweight it does not look good. It can be a real turn off. The problem goes deeper than that though. When men are overweight, excess body fat can result in elevated estrogen levels and all the unwanted problems that entails.

If you want to enjoy a healthy sex life, drinking too much alcohol is not the way to go.

The Bottom Line

There are many things that can make a man lose interest in sex or become a victim of ED. Alcohol is just one of them.

If your sex life is not what it used to be, take a look at your present alcohol consumption rate. If you drink every day or binge drink on the weekends, cut back. Better still take a total break from drinking alcoholic beverages. Give it a few weeks and see how things go.

If reducing your alcohol intake proves to be too hard to do, you may need to seek professional help from a counsellor or support group. A good first step is to discuss the matter with your doctor. Apart from helping you with your drinking concerns, your doctor will also be able to check your overall physical condition and ascertain if alcohol is really responsible for ruining your sex life.

There could be an underlying health condition you do not know about. Many men suffer from low libido and/or ED. The problem is far more common than most men think. Unfortunately, it can be hard to discuss matters of this nature.

Far too many men brush things under the carpet and hope the problem will go away. This is very sad because in many cases a few lifestyle changes – such as reducing alcohol intake, getting more exercise, or losing weight can make a world of difference to your sex life.

As will getting the professional help and advice a doctor can provide.

So if you are worried about your sex life..

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Don’t go looking for answers at the bottom of a bottle because alcohol is not the answer. If anything, it will only make the situation worse.

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