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Butt Stuff Secrets

Thanks to the saturation of big wet gaping buttholes online, there are many out there who are curious to try butt stuff, so let’s learn how to do it safely!

What counts as “butt stuff”

Butt stuff is any form of pleasurable touching, licking, poking, massing, and or tickling of the bottom, either externally or internally.

Butt stuff can be a solo exploration or with a partner. May or may not involve penetration and it can, but does not have to end with an orgasm.

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Benefits of butt stuff

It can be a unique form of intimacy you share with yourself or a partner.

During moment of pleasure and orgasm, your brain releases Oxytocin, the love hormone, and Dopamine, the happy hormone. This is a great and natural way to release these healthy hormones. 

Explore solo before trying with a partner

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You can learn and experiment without shame, fear, or embarrassment. It’s just you and your imagination.

It’s important to understand your pleasure buttons, and equally important to understand your limitations, so you can communicate your boundaries. Advocating for your own pleasure, and limitations is the most intimate thing you can do with your partner, but you need to know what that is first!

Mental preparation

First things first. Is this what YOU want? Do you feel confident advocating for your needs and limitations when it comes to butt stuff? If so then mentally, you are ready.

Butt Stuff Secrets

1. Start SLOW!

Start slow! There is no rush here and also no pressure to get it right the first time. 

Gently massage the butthole relaxed with your fingers or tongue. You do NOT want to push or force it open. Instead, let the butthole relax open and welcome whatever it is inside.

2. Be Vocal

You should be continually checking in, it can be uncomfortable and awkward, get over it and speak up. Do not make any assumptions, ask always.

Make sure that both of you are still engaged, still wanting to continue and still enjoying the experience. 

3. Clean yourself!

There’s nothing sexier than impeccable hygiene! Use an enema and give yourself a slow, gentle and through clean and pop in the shower afterwards. Make sure you use soap!

4. No cross contamination

Don’t let him stick his dick in your ass and then into your vagina. Don’t stick a dildo in one place and then the other, either. If you do, there’s a pretty big chance you’ll end up with an urinary tract infection, which is the last thing you want.

5. Use lube!

Silicon lube is your best friend & lots of it, if you’re going in dry you face the risk or tearing sensitive skin & creating a painful anus fissure. Make it wet, wet, wet!

6. It’s all about mindset

Anal is mental, for it to work your head has gotta be in the game – Meaning that if you have any sliver of a doubt about it being painful or scary then stop & do something else. You need to be completely wanting of it for it to be successful.

7. Minimal thrusting

Avoid going in & out like you see in porn, that’s just for the camera.

You want nice smooth, deep strokes to fully enjoy the intense experience of anal. Try with yourself by yourself first so you can learn how you like it, which will allow you to be confident in instructing a future lover.

Words of wisdom for beginners

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Try to recall the first time you played with your vagina or penis, you were probably young and not sure what you were doing.This naivety allowed you to openly engage in the experience judgment-free, with no expectations.

Try to approach butt stuff with the same curiosity and kindness. This is brand new and will take some time and practice to fully understand. If you’re super worried about making a mess or embarrassing yourself, then you probably shouldn’t agree to anal. Comfort is essential.

You should be doing it with someone you trust. Someone who won’t freak out when little things go wrong. Wait for a partner you’re completely at ease with.

You don’t have to start off with anal

You might want to have him place a finger in your ass during vaginal sex first. Or you might want to give them a rim job to see how the tongue feels before you let them shove the entire dick inside you.

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