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9 Ways To Know If Someone Is Attracted To You.

It is sometimes possible to detect when someone is attracted to you simply by watching their body language, even if they’re trying to keep it cool. When we’re attracted to someone; we all do a few bizarre things without even recognising it. And, in certain situations, these hints might accurately reflect a person’s genuine feelings. 

Here are 9 ways to know if someone is attracted to you

How do I know if someone is attracted to me?”  

I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to wonder if someone is interested in you. Uncertainty around attraction is a formula for awkwardness.

Let’s rescue you from the awkwardness of unknown attraction. 

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Beings naturally sync up with those they’re interested in. So, if you’re sitting across from your date in a candlelit restaurant, and they’re sitting exactly like you, that can be a big sign of interest.  
However, sometimes body language can be convoluted and it isn’t the only way to know if someone’s intrigued. Watch out for physical signs before jumping to any conclusions.  
Remember that everyone is different and this isn’t proven science. These tips will only provide you with hints as to what another person is feeling, which will help you get reassurance before you’re comfortable enough to talk about it.  

1. They enter your personal bubble

People are physically drawn to those they are attracted to. While someone who feels friendly or indifferent toward you typically will remain two to ten feet away, someone who is attracted to you will get much closer.

People can enter your personal bubble in three ways:

1. They stand 0-18 inches from you. This is the intimate zone and you can feel the change when someone enters your personal space. 
2. They lean their body toward you. 
3. They sit next to you in your intimate zone. 

I often see this when dates are going well.  Both people will lean over the table to get as close as possible.

Likewise, people who just met at a bar will move progressively closer to one another if their interaction is going well. 

If you suspect someone might be attracted to you, observe how close they position themselves near other people, and compare that to how they behave around you. The more dramatic the contrast, the greater the chance they are attracted to you.  

2. Their pupils are dilated

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One way to spot a flourishing connection is by looking the other person in the eye, and casually noticing whether or not their pupils are dilated. 

When we like someone, we want to see more of them, so the pupils dilate to allow more light in and their eyes or, at least, their pupils will literally get larger as they look at you. 

Additionally, pupils dilate when cognitive effort increases which can be a sign that they’re fully engaged in the conversation and want to learn more.

3. They aren’t blinking as often

If it seems like this person isn’t blinking as often it could be another sign they’re interested in you. Same as with the pupils dilating, when we want to see more of someone, we unconsciously match our blinking time to theirs so we see more of that person. 

While they are still blinking, it may seem to you as if they haven’t wet their eyeballs in a while, all because your blinking rates have synced up. Interesting, right? 

4. Ticks and Twitching

Attraction often involves a kind of tension we might call ”good stress, or nerves. Whether stress is caused by something ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ the body has similar responses.” 

That’s why you may notice them fidgeting or acting a bit awkward, in response to their rush of feelings.  
When most people are nervous, they have some ‘twitchy’ behaviour like playing with an earring, rubbing fingers together, or stroking the side of their neck.  
On a date with someone you find exciting, and who finds you exciting, these self-soothing movements might occur more frequently.  

5. Changes in tone of voice

A 2014 study found that people vary the volume, tone, and pitch of their voice when speaking to people they find attractive, which is something you may be able to pick up on. 

It’s even possible for those who overhear conversations to tell when sparks are flying, simply by listening to the participant’s tone of voice. 
These vocal changes happen because we subconsciously want to stand out and attract a partner, which can be easier if your voice is deeper or higher than normal, you can even try matching the tonality of your date.  
So, the next time you’re on a date, or witnessing one, see if you can pick up on these variations. 

6. Matching gestures

When we are attracted to someone, we easily fall into rapport with them and want to be more ‘like’ them. Which can include copying certain gestures and behaviours, or acting the same way unconsciously.  

We unknowingly adopt common words or phrases of the person we are attracted to, we adopt their hand gestures, postures, and even the rate and depth of their breath. This concept is also why couples begin to look like each other after some time together.

7. Open body language

Another reaction that suggests attraction as well as the desire to connect, is open body language. 
Open body language involves leaving the front of your body ‘unprotected’ by arms or holding a phone or a glass of whatever you’re drinking in front of you, for example. 
This could also be called invitational body language, and it’s the body language of trust. 

Basically, instead of sitting hunched up in a chair or crossing their arms, they might turn towards you and seem open and ready to talk. And if you’re looking to make a connection, that can be a great sign. 

8. A glowing aura

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If someone’s attracted to you, they might literally glow due to their attraction. When we like someone our pores open, allowing more oil secretion and our skin gets increasingly shiny. 
Those in love can also start to look different, thanks to the way blood circulates through the body. They might literally have a natural flush to their face, due to increased blood flow to the skin. So, keep an eye out for a certain glow, and pinker cheeks. 

These things can all add up to mean someone is, in fact, interested in getting to know you better. Because even if this person initially tries to hide their attraction whether it’s due to nerves, doubt, etc, these subtle signs can give them away.

9. You feel it

Literally. This one is probably a no-brainer! When someone is attracted to you, they want to touch you. Touch releases the bonding hormone oxytocin. It is an instinctive way of trying to strengthen connection. 
However, not all touches mean the same thing. Some people naturally are driven to engage in more touching than others, which is why the type of touch matters just as much, if not more, than the quantity. 

Psychologists have created a body map that explains how the majority of people feel about touch. 
It’s simple: starting with the hand, the higher you go up the arm, the more intimate the touch. It’s the opposite for backs. The lower on the back you go, the more intimate the touch. 
This is why handshakes are considered a professional touch, while people rarely put their hand on the lower back of someone, they don’t have a personal relationship with.

So, if someone increases the intimacy of their touches, it’s a sign that they feel comfortable around you and want to get closer. 


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