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Holli Curtis – Public Play Content Is Her Preference ?

Meet Holli Curtis otherwise known as @tigbittyholli

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Job Title within the industry: Search Holli Curtis on or click here OnlyFans
What are your social media handles? tigbittyholli
Locations you work from? Sydney, NSW

Is this industry seen as a hobby or a serious career path for you? 
I like to view this as a serious career path.

What got you started in the Industry and how long have you been in it? 
The confidence that I have seen people get from being apart of the industry and just over 1 year.

Do you have a specific niche within the industry? 
Public Play Content is my preference.

What are the top 3 most important things you have learnt from working within the industry? 
Constantly need to work hard
Be supportive and appreciative of others
Don’t rely on others to grow your success

Do you have a particular set of skills/ interest or employment outside of the industry? 
Working at a sex shop and studying business.

What is the most out there request you have received from a client and how much were they willing to pay? 
Definitely, a peeing video and they were willing to pay $30 for a video.

What is something you have said no to doing in the industry? 
Sleeping around with different men and being told what to do

What are your hard limits or boundaries in the industry? 
No orgies

Can you describe how working in the industry makes you feel or how it has impacted your life? 
It makes me feeling amazing, some days are better then others, I have gained so much I confidence and I feel so empowered to help many others wanting to start out.

Holli is single and looking to mingle ?

What was your first job like? 
Really stressful but good, great learning curves for me to succeed in life

What motivated you to begin in the industry? 
Seeing how happy it made others and getting educated and spoken to about different platforms

Whats one piece of advice you can give to someone thinking about starting in the industry? 
Trust your gut, be confident and don’t take any crap from no one. Also be YOURSELF!!!

What would it take for you to stay in the industry and what would have to happen for you to leave? 
Being in the place I am now would definitely always make me stay!
And having a bad experience with a customer numerous times or getting my content severely leaked.

What would you say to people who think that this is not a real job? 
I say, it is, we pay out taxes like everyone else and we support others whatever job or career path they choose to do

How do you re-energise outside of work? 
Gym and lots of cardio, also some sneaky alcohol beverages

How do you avoid burnout? 
I try hard to not over stress myself and make sure to plan everything in advance so I know how to avoid any panic moments.

It is inevitable at times to avoid bad situations at work. Have you ever had a bad experience at work and how did you manage it? 
Yes I have, I have had customers call me really horrible names, to dilute the situation I would respond very calm and professional and to go elsewhere if they weren’t happy/satisfied

I told my mum right away about becoming apart of the Industry and her response was very positive and humble!

Do you feel the need to keep your physical appearance well maintained at all times? 
Yes and no, you should love and appreciate your body no matter the size it becomes or is.

What lengths do you go to to maintain your appearance and how much would you spend? 
I don’t go to many lengths, I like to keep myself real and happy. Natural is my go to!

Do you make your own costumes or do you outsource them? What is your go to costume/outfit of choice? I outsource them, I love to go to lingerie stores, sex stores and shoe shops to get all my essentials. My go to outfit would be anything bondage related.

Do you use ways to alter your physical appearance ie: Botox/ Surgery/ Steroids and why? 
Yes, lip filler only.

Has there ever been any moments you have been scared within the industry?
Yes, absolutely. I’ve had moments where people stalk me and try to find my locations on where I make content.

How do you respond when you encounter a negative client, what strategies do you use to defuse a situation? 
I am always calm and professional, if I can resolve the problem then I’m happy, if not I will respectfully ask them to leave etc.

How does working in the industry affect your dating life? 
It doesn’t affect to much, I feel a lot of people misjudge and think we are “easy” because we sell our bodies and what not, but just like them we have the same level of respect and morals as they do.

How did you come out to your family and friends regarding working in the industry? 
I told my mum right away and her response was very positive and humble, couldn’t of had a better outcome.

What is one positive and one negative you have taken from the industry
Positive is always creating something new, negative would be it can become really stressful really quickly.

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