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The Winner for “Best Male Stripper 2021” – Dave Skinn

Stage Name: “Oh Dave”
Winner for Australia’s “Best Male Stripper 2021”
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single

Australia’s Best Male Stripper 2021

Dave S – Best Male Stripper 2021

What are your social media handles? 
Instagram: @ohdavexx
Twitter: @ohdavexx (18+ content)

Locations you work from.. either cities or venues etc 
Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, South Coast.

Is this industry seen as a hobby or a serious career path for you? 
I work a full time job so this is a second job and secondary income.

What got you started in the Industry and how long have you been in it?
I began topless waitering when I was an apprentice, I wanted to make extra money on the side and meet new people. My entertaining path grew rapidly from then on. I have been in the industry for 5 years now

Do you have a specific niche within the industry? 
I wouldn’t say specific no, but a lot of my work is Life Drawing. I feel that I have capitalised on that as not everyone is completely comfortable doing it and this role requires a lot of confidence with a good personality to be in control of the event.

What are the top 3 most important things you have learnt from working within the industry? 
1. Personality is key.
2. Be careful who to trust and play your cards accordingly.
3. It’s a very rewarding industry and can lead to many avenues.

Do you have a particular set of skills/ interest or employment outside of the industry? 
Yes, I am an Electrician by trade.


I’m very easy going with my work, as long as I am respected as a performer.

What is the most out there request you have received from a client and how much were they willing to pay? 
I get a lot of sexual offers from men, have been offered thousands.

What is something you have said no to doing in the industry? 
Being exclusive to working for 1 company only.

What are your hard limits or boundaries in the industry? 
I’m very easy going with my work, as long as I am respected as a performer.

Can you describe how working in the industry makes you feel or how it has impacted your life? 
I feel it gives me purpose; there’s not a lot of people that can do this kind of work, it takes a lot of confidence, criticism, patience, effort, sacrifice etc the list goes on, but for me when I approach a job and walk into the room and everyone cheers and they’re there to see you, the love in the room is an incredible feeling, gives you centre.

What was your first job like? 
I was topless waitering on a boat for a Hens party, I was very nervous and I had no idea what to do, luckily it was an easy going bunch of girls that helped me to calm my nerves.

What motivated you to begin in the industry? 
At the beginning it was just to make extra money and to meet people

Whats one piece of advice you can give to someone thinking about starting in the industry? 
Be versatile; try do things other people don’t do to give yourself an edge, and own it

What would it take for you to stay in the industry and what would have to happen for you to leave? 
I plan on staying for a few more years yet, there’s the chance once I start my own business and potentially settle down with a partner I might consider leaving, but at this point I just take it one day at a time anything could happen.

What would you say to people who think that this is not a real job? 
I’d question their ideology of what is “real”!

Best Male Stripper 2021

How do you re-energise outside of work? 
Generally I get outdoors, if I’m not on the water on my boat then I’ll be doing something active maybe a bush walk or swim at the beach.

How do you avoid burnout? 
As a lot of my work is pre-booked from weeks and months before, it can be hard to make spur of the moment weekend getaways, however if I have a quiet weekend coming up I’ll consider keeping it clear and doing something for myself.

It is inevitable at times to avoid bad situations at work. Have you ever had a bad experience at work and how did you manage it? 
Really had to pee once, and then the entire hour and a half of the life drawing I couldn’t stop going I broke the seal, was pretty embarrassing yet I just made jokes about it with everyone and had a good laugh at the end

Do you feel the need to keep your physical appearance well maintained at all times? 
Absolutely, not just fitness but cosmetic as well.

What lengths do you go to to maintain your appearance and how much would you spend? 
I train almost daily, and always use good skin products and hygiene.

It’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle

OhDave – Dave S

Do you make your own costumes or do you outsource them? What is your go to costume/outfit of choice? 
I wouldn’t say make my own but I find outfits I like, mix and match if needed and get them tailored.
My go to is generally Fireman, but I also enjoy Harry Potter and Big Bang Theory nerd as no one is really doing those, they are a lot of fun.

Do you use ways to alter your physical appearance ie: Botox/ Surgery/ Steroids and why? 
I use certain supplements to enhance my physique, it helps me push harder and makes me feel good mentally.

Has there ever been any moments you have been scared within the industry?

How do you respond when you encounter a negative client, what strategies do you use to defuse a situation? 
Happens here and there, I try and nicely remove myself from the situation, sometimes you have to be firm with people but generally most of my encounters are positive.

How does working in the industry affect your dating life? 
I used to think it was a blessing and a curse this industry with dating, but now I see that I just need to be accepted for who I am.

How did you come out to your family and friends regarding working in the industry? 
Wasn’t hard for me I just told my family, I’m lucky I have a great and supportive family.

What is one positive and one negative you have taken from the industry?
P: It’s not just a job it’s a lifestyle
N: Can’t trust everyone

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