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Gigi Amour – The Life Of An Exhibitionist

Gigi Amour, exhibitionist and successful online creator shares with us her life inside the industry. What it was like in the beginning and her strategies for re-energising and avoiding the dreaded burnout!

Stage Name: Gigi Amour
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Job title within the industry: 
Digital content creator
What are your social media handles? 
Insta: Gigiamouradll Back up Insta: rubberbrat
Snapchat: gigia_amour

To record myself peeing for them, which I love doing, they were willing to pay $100 for a 5 second video haha

Locations you work from.. either cities or venues etc 
Adelaide and Sydney!

Is this industry seen as a hobby or a serious career path for you? 
I view this job as a serious path for my life and what direction I want it to head in. It’s brought me amazing opportunities and memories I would never have had the chance to get, if it weren’t for the sex industry and the wonderful people I’ve met during my time in it.

What got you started in the Industry and how long have you been in it? 
I’ve been in the industry for about 7 years now, god that makes me feel old haha. I wanted my confidence back, I wanted to make cherishing memories and I wanted to enjoy life again. Become more careful in my sexuality and let go of my insecurities.

Do you have a specific niche within the industry? 
I like to think my ass is one of a kind and my genuine personality shines through which creates people to gravitate towards me.

What are the top 3 most important things you have learnt from working within the industry? 
I’ve learnt that you need a back bone in this industry, to stand tall and proud of your boundaries and to stick to your ground. That you must be consistent and honest in your work – people see that. They see through just an image on the internet. If you’re not in a mood to focus on your work, they see that. And to enjoy myself… live life in the moment. Forget a few worries from my personal life and I guess you could say it’s a bit of escapism. My happy place.

“I felt respected and powerful for the first time in my life and I was on an emotional high. I knew from that moment, this is for me”.

Do you have a particular set of skills/ interest or employment outside of the industry?I’ve worked in aged care, customer service and retail. Not many people know that I paint, it’s a passion of mine and it’s very therapeutic for me. Drowning out the world for a few hours a day is peaceful.
I game and I also like to write. 🙂 I’m also into ambient techno.

What is the most out there request you have received from a client and how much were they willing to pay? 
To record myself peeing for them, which I love doing, they were willing to pay $100 for a 5 second video haha

What is something you have said no to doing in the industry? 
I don’t do in person physical sexual services.

What are your hard limits or boundaries in the industry? 
When I say no, I mean it. Sometimes I need a few weeks off for my mental health. Everyone needs a break.

Can you describe how working in the industry makes you feel or how it has impacted your life? 
It’s allowed me to take back my right to say no. To allow me to feel free in my skin and the body I was born into. To feel secure and get out of abusive relationships. It’s been my escape. A safe escape.

What was your first job like? 
I remember getting a call from a girl I barely knew, asking if I could be a topless waitress at a job in the city with her. I needed money desperately at that point and I’m always up for a good time and a party. I got there and I was immediately welcomed into a warm, safe environment. I was guided and told the ropes. I felt respected and powerful for the first time in my life and I was on an emotional high. I knew from that moment, this is for me.

What motivated you to begin in the industry? 

Whats one piece of advice you can give to someone thinking about starting in the industry? 
Stand your ground, know your limits and set healthy boundaries. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything, you CAN say no and you can leave if you’re not comfortable. But most importantly, enjoy it, enjoy yourself and the power you obtain.

What would it take for you to stay in the industry and what would have to happen for you to leave? 
I’ve had about everything happen to me in the industry haha, I don’t see myself leaving it any time soon.

What would you say to people who think that this is not a real job? 
If the government views it as a job and I have to pay tax on it, it’s a job lmao. I go to work, I make content when I don’t want to, when I don’t feel like it and I want to stay in bed all day, I have to get up at a set time, get ready and do my JOB. Just like anyone else.

How do you re-energise outside of work? 
I paint, I go for drives, I see my friends and have a wonderful support system in place. I sleep… a lot if needed haha and I drown out my thoughts. I watch other content creators work and it motivates me to make some of my own.

How do you avoid burnout? 
Take a break and recognise when you need one before the burnout stage. Listen to your body and headspace. It is inevitable at times to avoid bad situations at work.

Have you ever had a bad experience at work and how did you manage it? 
It is, just like anywhere. It’s life. I have had a bad experience and I held my head up and put down my boundaries. I said I would leave if it happened again and I made sure they knew I was serious. Safe to say… what they were trying to do… didn’t happen again hahaha

Do you feel the need to keep your physical appearance well maintained at all times? 
Not at all times. I’m human. Sometimes I don’t feel like shaving for a month or washing my hair for a week and I have people who follow me that prefer it that way. I’ve found no matter what I do… someone will like it. Everyone’s tastes aren’t the same and I feel my people know that I’m human… I’m honestly lucky to have the following I do… I have beautiful souls that are so kind and understanding of me and I can’t thank them enough.

Stand your ground, know your limits and set healthy boundaries. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything, you CAN say no and you can leave if you’re not comfortable.

What lengths do you go to to maintain your appearance and how much would you spend?
Don’t ask me that, I don’t want to remember the price tag hahaha.

Do you make your own costumes or do you outsource them? What is your go to costume/outfit of choice? 
Anything black or anything bright and colourful. I outsource and put it together myself. I enjoy that part of my job!

Do you use ways to alter your physical appearance ie: Botox/ Surgery/ Steroids and why? 
I’ve only ever had lip fillers 🙂

Has there ever been any moments you have been scared within the industry?

Yes, which I’d rather not revisit. It’s in the past and it can stay there. I know how to handle situations like that and prevent them from happening again.

How do you respond when you encounter a negative client, what strategies do you use to defuse a situation? 
I lay down my boundaries but in a direct, clear and firm manner. If they do not respect that, I leave.

How does working in the industry affect your dating life? 
I’ve had my struggles… I’ve had men wanting to change me, make me quit etc I’ve had men degrade me for it.. but I’ve realised they’re not the kind of people I want to be around. I’m comfortable within myself to be alone if I can’t find someone who sees me as ME.

How did you come out to your family and friends regarding working in the industry? 

I literally just dropped hints to my parents over a 6 month period. I went out and finally did my first shift and my mother asked where I went, so I answered. I’ve never hidden anything from my parents, no matter how I assume they will react. I know, given time.. they’ll always come around.

What is one positive and one negative you have taken from the industry? 
Positive, I feel like I’m repeating myself but haha my confidence in saying no, and a negative… not everyone is your friend.

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