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Polyamory – An Interview With Angela & Bradford

Meet Angela, bisexual scientist and Bradford, bisexual medical gear salesman. Angela and Bradford are primary partners practicing polyamory in an open – polyamorous relationship. They are hosts of By The Bi Podcast, a podcast for anyone interested in learning a bit more about bisexuality, the swinger community, open relationships, BDSM, and everything else your vanilla friends refuse to talk with you about.

The structure of Angela and Brad’s relationship is open and Polyamorous. Meaning they each have multiple partners in which they play together and separately outside of their relationship.

How The Polyamory Dynamic Began

Angela and Bradford told CherryDTV that their poly dynamic began at the very beginning of the relationship. Bradford explained that when he wanted to become serious Angela was worried and was ready to walk because she thought he was wanting to be monogamous.

“I just knew that monogamy wasn’t for us – so from the beginning we’ve been open, seeing other people both together and separately.” – Angela

Relationship Rules

Angela and Brad told us that in the beginning of their Poly dynamic they had an strict and extensive list of rules and restrictions to follow. But they found with time that list became silly and diminished.
Now, they only have 2 strong rules.

  1. Always play safe. Meaning protection like condoms and dental dams.
  2. They always let the other person know where they’re going to be and with whom.
“I think it’s pretty hot to hear and discuss it and I think that intensifies he relationship. Also it takes away any doubts of “is my partner going to come back to me or not”
– Angela

In CherryDTV’s interview Bradford explains he thinks a lot of people struggle with the worry of partners falling in love with someone else and leaving them. Bradford says that he wants to absolute best for Angela and if he’s what’s best then fantastic. He will do anything to stay the best. However, if Angela finds someone better for her, then Bradford says he would fully support her in that decision.


Dealing With Jealousy

“Jealousy is often mistaken for envy or fear of missing out, a little bit of jealousy can be healthy” – Bradford

A little bit of jealousy can be healthy Bradford tells CherryDTV. He explains that Envy is a wanting of what your partner has. Fear of missing out is something we all experience.

“Dig deep inside yourself and figure out what or where are those feelings of jealousy coming from.”

Bradford tells us that irrational jealousy is not good for an individual or a relationship. And that it may sound silly but you can feed jealousy with love and positivity. Bradford said he used to tell himself he never got jealous, but he believes both him and Angela experience healthy jealousy. Meaning that neither of them let jealousy consume them.

A lot of people struggle with jealous because they let that emotion consume them”
– Bradford

Angela tells us that jealousy is healthy when a couple can openly discuss their feelings together and find the root cause of the jealousy.

“Rather than being jealous because someone is looking at your partner, be proud of that and say – Yes, my partner is worthy of someone else looking at them and wanting to be with them. Give it a positive spin.” – Angela


Angela and Bradford say that they’ve met some of their closest friends at swinger events and that those people are even their emergency contacts! Angela and Brad also run their own swingers events called Pendulum parties. The idea behind pendulum is that no matter your gender, you’re allowed to swing both ways.

It’s a safe space for people no matter how they identify and have the opportunity to play with them or near them.

Angela says most swingers party have protocol for newbies. They’re given a tour and a run down on basic, common sense rules. Typically revolving around consent and behaviour. Different spaces can have different rules. It’s about respect. Treat people how you want to be treated.


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