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Escort Vivienne Black Sheds Insight Into the Sex Industry

CherryDTV has had the absolute pleasure of having a sit down interview with the lovely Vivienne Black, an extremely successful PSE escort and industry mentor for newbies wanting to thrive in the sex industry.



It all started when Vivienne was in her early 20’s struggling to pay for the basics like food and rent. She saw an advertisement and decided to go online, leading her to call the 1st agency she stumbled upon.

Vivienne told us her 1st ever booking was so much fun, she had a great time drinking red wine.

“I had never drunk red wine until that day and I drank a lot of it!” – Vivienne Black.


Escort and Mentor Vivienne Black expressed her enthusiasm for meeting and getting to know new people on an intimate level. She told us that her idea of intimacy doesn’t have to be inherently sexual. Intimacy to Vivienne means opening yourself up and discovering all the different layers of a person.

In our interview Vivienne clearly explains how important her clients experience is to her and that if she isn’t feeling 100% up to the job then she simply won’t do it. She fears her clients having a less than perfect experience of her service.


Before confirming booking with new potential clients, Vivienne asks a series of questions to know if her services are right for them. From there she takes a deposit and asks for references from previous escorts they’ve seen. Vivienne, unlike other escorts doesn’t take identification for screening, she explains that her personal preference is references and that works best for her. As long as the client pays the deposit and the reference checks out she is fine to see them.

“Trust your gut!” Vivienne exclaims.

Vivienne says that there have only been a few times where she hasn’t and regretted it. So now when she doesn’t have that good feeling Vivienne will excuse herself from the booking, let herself out and gives the client a full refund of their deposit.

“Something that’s really important as a worker that I share with my coaching clients, is that you always trust your gut. If something says no inside of you and no matter how much you need the money – you just leave!” Vivienne Black says.


GFE stands for the “Girl Friend Experience”
PSE stands for the “Porn Star Experience”

“I used to be a GFE provider, but most of my clients prefer PSE, so I sort of cut off GFE and keep the higher price package. That ay I know what I’m walking into” says Vivienne.


Vivienne explains to CherryDTV that what private workers charge is an entirely personal choice. When Vivienne mentors her clients who want to begin working in the industry, she helps them choose a pricing that fits their capabilities in their individual lifestyle.

Vivienne also explains that pricing for girls who work within an agency can fluctuate.
If the agent is handing the girls marketing, website, correspondence the split fee can range anywhere from as little as 10% to 50%. In house girls working inside establishments such as brothels will typically only receive 50% of the pay rate.


Vivienne tells us that she began digitally marketing her brand from the beginning.
“While being an escort I’ve learnt how to run a business, how to handle customer service, CRMS and online software. As well as social media marketing”.


“I told my dad first” Vivienne says. “My dad took it really well and was mostly concerned about my safety – he didn’t understand that ways in which I work. He thought I was on a street corner or something.” “Once I explained everything to him an showed him how I’ve been helping in the industry as a mentor he was cool!”

“Telling my mum was quite different. I was expecting it to be the opposite of how it was. She’s quite headstrong. She couldn’t understand why I was working in this industry since I went to Uni.” “It’s taken a few years and quite a few discussions for her to be more comfortable with it.” Vivienne explains.

“My mum actually found out about my job through friends of mine who she knew, who were on an ABC program. My mum waited a whole year before she approached me about it.” – Vivienne.


Vivienne told CherryDTV that she’s had 2 previous partners that were first clients and Vivienne’s recommendation is DON’T DATE CLIENTS! “It never turns out how you want!” Vivienne says.

“One of them was a booking that extended for 3 months. And after you spend 3 months with somebody it can make you think you have feelings.” “After a couple of those long-term bookings I don’t offer them anymore because the exclusivity thing just doesn’t end well.” says Vivienne.


Vivienne explained to us that emotional support within booking is varied. Vivienne says that with her regular clients it is mostly about sex, but there are times where her clients are going through something tough and just want to see her for emotional support, so instead they spend the booking just chatting.

“I used to see a gentleman every week and a few years later told me the reason he was seeing me was because his wife was dying. I was his support and when he told me this is when she had passed away” – Vivienne.


“I self pleasure all the time. When I’m not working and even when I am working. I’m guess I’m just a very sexual being!” – Vivienne Black

You can visit Vivienne Black’s website here to check out her escort services and read her blog!

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