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Self Proclaimed ‘Size Queen’ Says Small Dicks Rock Just As hard!

With the amount of baby-armed sized dicks across adult media platforms, it’s easy to understand why so many penis owners have feelings of inadequacy regarding the size of their junk. My name is Chloe and I’m a self-proclaimed ‘size queen’ and I’m here to tell you that average and smaller dicks are just as good and if not better in certain contexts then the kind we see most in porn.

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Size Queen Definition

Now, Urban Dictionary has a different definition of ‘size queen’ then what I do. Urban Dictionary tells us that a ‘size queen’ is someone who only prefers larger dicks. My self proclaimed ‘size queen’ definition means that I’m very capable of taking a large penis and loving it, however, I do not prefer a larger penis over an average or smaller sized dick.

Larger Dicks Aren’t Sustainable

I’m a highly sexual being with a high sex drive to match. My perfect idea of relaxation is unwinding in a state of ecstasy with someone. I have yet to find an activity that both recharges and relaxes me as much as sex does. Now, when I have sex, I like to have sex for hours. I’m talking a minimum of 3. I like to talk things slow and let the intensity build overtime. Warming each other up in different ways and waiting until we’re both in a frenzy of pleasure before penetration.

Perhaps this is just me, but when I have sex for hours, bigger dicks wear me out and have me tapping out so much sooner than I’d like. Perhaps if the larger dicks I’ve slept with had the discipline to slow it down and not constantly jack hammer me like I’m a slab of slutty concrete then maybe my perceptions would change.

Small Dick Deliciousness

My experiences with average and smaller dicks, for the most part, have left me feeling more sexually satisfied. Smaller dick owners know how to passionately and rhythmically grind. Nothing is more annoying to me when an owner of a larger or even average sized dick goes all the way out and all the way in repeatedly. Inside the vagina are thousands of nerve needing that become desensitised when over stimulated. What most dick owners don’t realise is that the more you go in and out of the vagina, the more you numb the numb the vagina!

A vagina will be more receptive and willing if the penis enters slowly, millimetre by millimetre. Once the penis is inside, the penis should stay there for a couple of minutes and let the vagina fully relax around the penis. This will activate more pleasure for penis and vagina. The two of you can kiss in the interim.

Small Dicks = Happy Cervix says Size Queen

I know a lot of girls love a good cervix bashing and I too used to be one of them. I learned to like rough and deep sex by large cocks from porn and conditioned myself to think that this was the right way to have good sex. Until I de-conditioned myself from porn and stopped watching it all together.

From then on I learnt how to slow sex down and enjoy every single subtle movement instead of hard fucking towards an imaginary finish line that left me lying on the floor with insufferable cervix cramps. When one begins to slow sex down and just enjoy being intimate with another person, it really doesn’t matter the size of the tool because you will feel the energetic power flowing from inside it and that power fills you up.

This energetic force that flows from the penis is not imaginary, Tantric Yogis have known about this phenomena for thousands of years. A great book to read on the subject is Tantric Sex For Men by Michael Richardson. In the book is valuable knowledge on how to harness the sexual power, last longer in bed and strategies for slowing down to gain more pleasure.

Dick Dysmorphia

In an article by Mel Magazine, C. Brian Smith Titled ‘The Long and Short of Dick Dysmorphia, Brian shares a story about a man named Eric, suffering with Dick Dysmorphia or otherwise known as ‘Small-dick syndrome.’

Eric is a 27 year old Norwegian man with a 6.5 inch penis who feels horrendously inadequate even though he is 1.5 inches longer than the average Norwegian male. Eric says that he has felt insecure about his size since stumbling upon his Dad’s porn stash in the early ages of teenage hood. “When you get these ideas in your head at such a young age, you never really grow out of them,” he explains. “They’re branded into your subconscious forever.”

The article goes on to say how penis owners who are adequate in length consistently underestimate (and obsess over) their size despite falling within the normal range. Eric knows he’s above average, statistically, but just doesn’t believe it. He’s convinced that “average” is too small anyways, so he says it doesn’t matter if he “just tips the scale.”

How Dick Dysmorphia Begins

Dick dysmorphia generally arises if a sexual partner negatively comments on the size or ‘capability’ of ones penis. It can also arise from primary and high school jokes and self-comparision to actors in adult media and all of these examples can be traumatising.

It’s Not About The Size, It’s How You Use It!

Majority of women do not find a larger penis more appealing. Some are even frightened by one. Most women are more concerned with how a penis is used rather than the size. This is true for me. Being a short in stature woman, my vaginal canal is also short and my G-Spot is located about 2 cm inside the opening. If a man just enters me and continues to thrust in and out, I won’t be feeling very much compared to if a man enters me and motions upwards while grinding his pubic bone against mine.. Then I go straight to pleasure country.

Despite bothersome comments made by immature, superficial people and suggested preferences opposed on us by adult media, if you’re a penis owner and are upset by the size, I recommend seeing a professional to work on your self-esteem. Dick Dysphoria is a real and prevalent issue that troubles many penis owners out there. I could talk for days about how beautiful, divine and nourishing a smaller penis is, but unless that penis owner believes it themselves, nothing will change!

Your penis is powerful no matter the size and it deserves love and absolute adoration, be kind to your pecker and it will be kind to you!

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