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Sexual Healing Made Simple Thanks To Nienke Helder & Inge Keltjens

Unfortunately, the truth is, most women have experienced some kind of major or minor sexual trauma in their life. Whether that be the awkward and shocking situation of losing one’s virginity, being told they have a smelly vagina or in the worst case scenario, abuse. Nienke Helder and Inge Keltjens brings forth their Sexual Healing collection of therapeutic tools to aid and comfort women on their path of sexual healing.

Why Sexual Healing Is So Important

Sexual energy is the energy of creation. When our sexual centre is blocked a person can experience lack of imagination, motivation and money. As well as mania, feelings of emotional instability, sexual dysfunction, pain during sex, reproductive issues and even addiction. These issues are very serious and can negatively impact one’s life. Thankfully, there are things we can do heal!

Embracing and healing the sexual parts of ourselves makes it very easy to form close intimate bonds with friends and loved ones, experience vulnerability, regulate our emotions and have deeper and more pleasurable sex. Sexual healing also allows for growth in business. When our sexual centre is open and healthy it brings with it a stream of abundance that opens doors to wealth and success, making it easy to accomplish our goals.


The Impacts Of Trauma On The Body

In the pioneering book by Bessel Van der Kolk M.D. “The Body Keeps The Score”, Bessel scientifically explains how memory is NOT stored in the brain, in fact, memory is holographic and stored within the body. Unresolved trauma can become trapped in the cells, causing pain and illnesses.

Most sexual abuse survivors say that they wish to enjoy sex but it’s the pain which causes them give up and stop trying. “For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has passed and to live in the reality of the present”Dr Van der Kolk.

Nienke Helder’s therapy tools have been developed for use, away from a clinical environment. Inviting their user to focus on exploring what feels good, in order to relieve fear and pain. Helder’s Sexual Healing objects feature a sensor that rests on the abdomen and lights up to notify tense breathing, an ergonomically designed mirror, a brush with long hair which can be used with a partner to experiment with sensations of touch and an object that measures pressure in the pelvic floor muscles. 

“If you have a trauma, it can be really difficult to talk about it, “But by giving someone an object and making them part of the therapy, it opens a lot of doors for conversation. Trauma creates certain reflexes in your body that comes from your subconscious mind. To break that cycle, you need to rationally understand what is causing these processes in order to overcome them emotionally.” Nienke Helder explains.

The Personal vs Clinical Approach To Sexual Healing

The current approach of sexual dysfunctions is clinical and often takes place on the treatment table, even though sexuality is something very personal. Practitioners do not involve enough collaboration, and look mostly at the physical sides of the problem. Therefore it remains a frustrating issue. Nienke and her team want to solve that!

While our sex life is a highly personal thing, the treatment of trauma-induced female sexual problems such as pelvic muscle blockage is often clinical, focuses on physical issues, and takes penetration as its ultimate goal. Nienke Helder recognises the frustration this causes and has worked with (para)medical experts and women who have experienced this to design a therapy from a different point of view: focusing on finding pleasure.

The Sexual Healing tools are a set of sensory objects to be used away from a clinical environment. It invites women to explore what feels good and to help relieve fear and pain and regain a sense of security about what their bodies enjoy.

Nienke Helder & Inge Keltjens Inspiration For The Sexual Healing Project

“We are on a mission to make sex pleasurable for everyone”

Nienke and Inge’s interest in sexual health originated from personal experience with sexual dysfunctions. They realised there are so many taboos around sexuality that it is causing a lack of accessibility and knowledge to care for sexual health issues. Everyone has a different experience of sexuality. Nuance and flexibility are essential parts.

Nienke and Inge started their design process with interviewing both healthcare professionals and experts by experience, and continued developing the Sexual Healing products with their input. Finding a way to explore your body and discover your sexuality in a safe and non-clinical way are some of the most important reasons for starting Sexual Healing. 

With Sexual Healing Nienke and Inge want to break taboos with an honest approach and offer new perspectives. They do this by actively increasing and sharing their knowledge. In this way, Nienke and Inge want to continue building bridges between science and real sex lives.

The Sexual Healing Tools

The Mirror

Designed to take a comfortable look at your vulva. The ergonomically slanted Mirror reflects both in daylight and in the dark. Allowing you to explore your body in an intimate way, hands-free!

It’s important to get to know your own body well. Getting a better idea of what you look like helps you discover what brings you pleasure. When having sex with a partner, it’s easier to indicate what you enjoy and become pro-active about your health.

You know your body best. Being able to look at yourself from all angles can help you to tell the difference when something feels off.

Take control of your body image with its ergonomic design. We have an understanding of our anatomy from pictures or porn. But all anatomy of vulvas is unique, natural, and beautiful. The mirror helps you explore your own body’s beautiful.

The Brush

Designed to explore the sensation of touch. The natural hairs and intuitive grip of The horsehair Brush create a sensual experience. The brush can be used to tickle, caress or whip.

Feel free to use it by yourself or invite a partner. Find out what brings you pleasure, at your own pace. This product is made with natural hair and is therefore, not vegan. The Brush helps you explore and find touch that turns you on. Discover where and when you feel tension and helps you train how to relax. So you can feel relaxed to open up to more pleasure.

The Biofeedback Tools

Two of the objects focus on biofeedback and are designed to help the user detect if they are feeling tense or stressed.

Trauma creates certain reflexes in your body that comes from your subconscious mind. To break that cycle, you need to rationally understand what is causing these processes in order to overcome them emotionally.

One is a sensor that is meant to be placed on the abdomen. The device lights-up when the user’s breathing becomes tense, functioning as a signal to relax and begin breathing slow and rhythmically again.

The second is a probing object that measures the pressure in pelvic floor muscles. If the user tenses up, the device starts to vibrate, signalling the need to relax. A tense vagina is likely to feel pain upon penetration. A relaxed vagina means more pleasure.

Where You Get These Tools

Find the sexual healing collection here –

The Sexual Healing tool kit is a perfect addition to your life. Learn how to train your body in relaxation, so you can open yourself up to the pleasure of sex and sexual union that you so deserve. These simple and easy to use toys can be used as a weekly or even daily mediation or ritual for bringing you back into your deep self. Helping you feel more connected and clear with your purpose. Sex and pleasure are the gateways to a healthy prosperous life, so do yourself a favour and go play with yourself. x

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