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16 Tips On How To Take A Good Dick-Pic!

Penises come in an array of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Just like vaginas, no two cocks are the same. Penises are unique works of art and art should be displayed appropriately and to the appropriate consumers. To highlight the true beauty of a cock, there’s a few right ways to go about it! In order to take a Dick-Pic that is both arousing and stunning to the eye is a skill, which when mastered will have the cock lovers flocking.

Before we go ahead and give you all the tips you need to know about taking the perfect dick-pic, Remember to ask consent before you send! This is a rule that goes for women too. Always ask before you send a sexy picture. No one wants to open a picture of dangling balls while they’re eating a Sunday roast with their Nanna. Consent is consideration, which should always be respected. If it’s not a 100% yes, it’s a NO!

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1. Show Some Thigh

Ideally, a good dick-pic is well framed. You want to capture some lower abs or pubic area, as well as a bit of thigh action. The contrast of the surrounding body and your cock allows the viewer to size you up and explore the personality of your cock.

2. Take Your Shirt Off

To avoid looking like Winnie the Pooh, take off your shirt or at least pull it up and show some belly. Females love belly.

3. Tease

When sending dick-pics, you don’t have to go the ‘full monty’ so to speak. Girls sometimes are more aroused mentally rather than visually. You can send an ‘almost dick-pic.’ Meaning, leave your undies on, grab your cock and send a pic of your boner through your undies. (make sure they’re nice undies)

4. Ask Them What They Want To See

What you want to send may not be what the person receiving wants to see. So, the best thing to do, is ask! Your boldness when asking can be a massive turn on and the consideration of their desires will have them feeling wanted. Understanding that someone’s desires aren’t stagnant and fulfilling what they want in the moment is honestly the most desirable thing ever.


5. Be Funny About It

Sometimes seriousness in sex can be a turn off. If you can add some creativity and playfulness into sexting it can be a lot of fun! Silly little memes like placing your cock in a hotdog bun and sending it with a caption saying “wanna bite?” can be really endearing. The totally unexpected and hilarious angle of the photo is what can really be a turn on.

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6. Squeaky Clean

To me, nothing is hotter than a man out of the shower. The cleaner someone is, the dirtier I want to get. So when a guy sends me a full body pic when the mirror is still foggy with shower steam it sends me into a horny frenzy. The steam on the mirror is like a teasing filter and I find it incredibly sexy.

7. Video

Dick pics can be turned into poetry in motion with video. I personally find videos more compelling then pictures because I feel like videos are more personal. And with a video you can show a 360 degree view of your package to really show what you’re working with.

8. Put Your Hand on It

I love to see a guy grab his package in a photo. Not only does the gentle squeezing make his penis look more tumescent, but the comparison of hand to penis is a great indicator of size.

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9. Hard Dick-Pics Only

I’m not too sure about other girls, but I don’t like being sent flaccid dick-pics. I feel like the guy is telling me it’s my job to get them hard which is a big turn off to me… however, other girls may feel different about flaccid dick-pics, so it’s always important to ask!

10. Stand Back Bro

Extreme close-ups are a no go for me. Like previously said, cocks look good framed with something to compare it to. So taking the pic from a greater distance away, showing a little bit of tummy and thigh is the way to go.

11. Good Lighting

Bad lighting usually makes things look yellow and orange. A yellow and orange penis can look a bit scary. Using flash when taking dick pics isn’t flattering either. Bathroom lighting will usually the best source of light. Or playing with some mood lighting by getting a coloured light bulb can make your pictures look sexually artsy.

12. Get Artsy

Put on some mood lighting, set the self-timer and start posing. For me, a dick alone won’t do much to get me aroused. I’m attracted to the human as-well as the penis attached to the human. The human body is visually stunning. Play around with poses and angles to find which ones work best for you and send your faves to a trusted person for some feedback.

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13. Get Risky

It turns me on if a person is sending naughty pictures in risky situations where one could get caught. Like at work or on a walk during the day.

14. Angle Is Everything

The angle in which you take the dick-pic is EVERYTHING. Play around and really explore what angle works best for your cock. Take pics with and without your hand on it. Take pics from down below, from above and from the sides. Finding your sweet spot is key and the most important aspect of a good dick pic.

15. An Accurate Representation

It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 inches or 9. An accurate representation of your cock in your dick-pic is paramount. Don’t kid yourself by trying to make it bigger. I am constantly working to love myself and my imperfections, and if you are feeling bad about your dick size, shape, etc., I can tell by the photo you send. Keep it natural and make sure it’s close up. Be confident in your photo, and if you have a cock ring, put that on too! I personally find cock rings super hot, and knowing you are comfortable with toys is a big turn-on and tells me a lot about a person.

16. Tidy Background

A tidy background is important especially if you’re hoping to attract a potential mate back to your nest. It’s unlikely a girl will want to come over if it looks like a bomb has gone off in your apartment. If I send you some high-quality content of my in lingerie and all dolled up. Then you send a pic of your dick hard and hanging out of your underwear in your messy bathroom is not gonna cut it.


I hope this article has been a saving grace for those of you who are wanting to get started or even optimise your dick-pic game. In conclusion, the best kind of dick-pics are consensual! For the best results, get your angles right, have good lighting and frame your cock nicely. If you want some feedback on your pics, but don’t have anyone you can trust – find an OnlyFans girl who offers ratings! She would see many dick-pics a day and be able to give you expert advice. Happy snapping! xo

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