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Easy Self-Confidence In 9 Steps

Self-confidence is a bit like the running water in your house. You may not know every detail about how it works or where it comes from, but it’s painfully obvious when it’s not there. Like when your water is shut off, a drought of self-confidence has a huge negative impact on your health and lifestyle. Fortunately, there are things you can do to build it.

An estimated 85% of people worldwide struggle with poor self-esteem. To improve confidence in yourself, there are beneficial habits you can practice each day. When I started practicing these habits a few years back, I slowly gained the confidence I needed to fearlessly chase my dreams and be my boldest self. I hope they do the same for you!

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But First, What Is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is your belief in how good you are at something, but it’s not a measure of your actual skill. Having self-confidence can bring many benefits—at home, at work, and within your relationships. Here’s a look at a few of the positive effects self-confidence can have on your life:

  • Better performance: Rather than waste time and energy worrying that you aren’t good enough, you can devote your energy to your accomplishments. So ultimately, you’ll perform better when you feel confident.
  • Healthy relationships: Having self-confidence not only impacts how you feel about yourself, but it helps you better understand and love others. It also gives you the strength to walk away if you’re not getting what you deserve.
  • Openness to try new things: When you believe in yourself, you’re more willing to try new things. Whether you apply for a promotion or sign up for a dance class, putting yourself out there is a lot easier when you have confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • Resilience: Believing in yourself can enhance your resilience, or ability to bounce back from any challenges or adversities you face in life.


1. Build Self-Confidence By Challenging Inaccurate Thinking

Our irrational or illogical thinking mind can often make us feel uncertain about ourselves. A common example of this is holding the perception that everyone is judging us. You may feel like all eyes are on you and that the world is making silent critiques of your every move. Thinking this way not only negatively impacts your self-confidence but is also just untrue. Most of the time, people are too wrapped up in their own heads to be wasting their time judging you!

When you catch yourself thinking irrationally, challenge those thoughts. One thing I like doing is giving those illogical thoughts a name (let’s call them Steve). This separates these illogical thoughts from you and your more realistic perception of yourself. You’ll no longer feel weighed down by their negativity when you pass them on to “Steve.” Steve shouldn’t be making you feel poorly about yourself.

2. Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations and mantras are simple yet powerful tools to help you improve your self-esteem. This method of self-talk can be used at any time and will reinforce your positive thinking. Here are ten examples:

1. I am happy. I’m healthy. I am wealthy.
2. I am great. I am good.
3. I’m in charge of my happiness.
4. You’ve got this!
5. My positive actions conquer my fears.
6. Good things come to me easily.
7. Stop asking for permission to be great.
8. One year equals 365 possibilities.
9. It is the start that stops most people.
10. I am loved for being my authentic self.

When you build yourself up with beneficial self-talk, positive thinking will follow, and then, successful outcomes are right around the corner. Come up with your own and write them down around your house, on your mirrors and even on your bathroom mirrors. That way, you’ll see them on a daily basis and always be reminded of them.

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3. Build Self-Confidence Through Self-Compassion

As you work on your goals and improving yourself, remember that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It is irrational to believe you need to be “perfect” all the time. If you feel that way, you are holding yourself to an impossibly high standard and are inevitably setting yourself up for disappointment.

Instead of always striving for perfection, show yourself a little compassion. Remind yourself that you are human and that you are doing the best you can in your given circumstances. As the old saying goes, “self-love is the best love.” You need to be able to love and appreciate yourself before anything else!

4. Take Care Of Yourself

To improve your self-esteem, it is important that you take care of yourself. When chasing after your dreams, you want to feel your best because that’s what will give you the energy to keep working hard towards your goals. In order to do this, you need to prioritise your physical and mental well-being and do things that make you feel happy and healthy

The great thing about self-care is that there is no one way to do it. You could dress in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable, get outside and enjoy some nice weather, take a nap after a long night of work – the possibilities are endless. Self-care is simply something that should improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself. By implementing self-care habits, you’ll naturally begin to feel more confident and happier with who you are!


5. List Your Accomplishments

Reflect on everything you’ve accomplished so far, big and small, and write them down. Oftentimes, we overlook all the little things we accomplish each day! Give yourself credit where credit is due and list out everything you’ve achieved. Write them in your phone, a journal, even hang them on your wall. Anything to remind yourself on a daily basis just how awesome you are.

As you think about all your accomplishments, consider everything you’ve overcome to get where you are today. Everything you have faced, for good or for bad, has made you who you are and shows how resilient you are. Developing this sense of pride in yourself and what you can achieve will build your self-confidence and make you feel more prepared to tackle your dreams.

6. Let Go Of Negativity

Get rid of negativity in your life! Negative people, situations, and habits. Let them all go and focus on surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. Things that bring around negativity are doing nothing but inhibiting your ability to grow.

Letting go of negativity is easier said than done. The first step to do this is recognising what exactly is causing the negativity. This can be difficult because, very often, negative things can be so rooted and so constant in our lives that we don’t even realize that they are a problem. When you catch yourself feeling poorly, think about what is causing that feeling. Once you recognise that, you can take steps to remove the negativity from your life.

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7. Push Your Comfort Zone

While pushing your comfort zone may seem intimidating, there are also a lot of benefits that will come from it! By pushing yourself, you can accomplish things you never thought were possible. You’ll be proud of yourself and, in turn, be more confident in your capabilities. You will also feel like you’re growing, and that can make you feel more energized to keep working towards your dreams.

To push the limits of your comfort zone, do one thing a day that scares you. Don’t put yourself in any unsafe or distressing situations, but try something you may not have had the confidence to do before. Whether you do it successfully or not, you’ll be proud of yourself for trying, and that will give you the confidence you need for other things.

8. Self-Awareness

Take some time to reflect on who you are. Ask yourself: Who are you as a person? What are your values? What do you want to accomplish? Very often, we try to fit into the mold of what we think society wants us to be. With that false perception of ourselves, we can never really feel comfortable in our own skin.

Once you recognise what matters and what is important to you, think and do things that fulfil that. When you start living by your values and passions, you are embodying your best self and will be that much more confident because of it. Gaining a sense of self-awareness will also help you point out your pitfalls (think back to illogical thinking) and cause you to become a more well-rounded person.

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9. Give Back To The Community

By helping others and giving back to your community, you will inevitably feel good about yourself. Knowing you made an impact on other people’s lives can be a deeply fulfilling feeling, so spend some time and lift up the people around you! This can be as simple as sending congratulations cards, checking in with friends often, wishing your peers well on tests they’re taking or goals they’re reaching, or spending time with your family members. Doing something good for others will improve how you view and value yourself.

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Once You Believe In Yourself, Anything Is Possible!

Becoming more self-confident is readily achievable if you have focus and determination. Believing in yourself is the first step towards success in anything! Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered—just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better. By practicing these 9 steps, you’ll be able to build your self-confidence easily. Through my own trials and errors, I have learned a lot about achieving self-confidence and sincerely hope these practices can help you do the same!

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