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15 Easy-Peasy Ways To Become Hotter

While being hot might seem like an elusive goal, it’s definitely something you can achieve! Everyone has their own definition of what’s “hot,” so there’s no one way to become hotter. If you want to achieve hottness there are many ways to do it, which we will share below.

Understanding how to look hot has more to do with how you feel within, and how you present yourself. It’s not about wearing the sexiest clothes, and twirling your hair, unlike what they try to convince you in the movies! An important thing about beauty is to build up your confidence because it’s the key to being hot. Taking good care of yourself helps you glow from the inside out.


1. Drink More Water

girl drinking water from glass bottle

As you would know, your body mostly consists of water. So, this little tip is just common sense. When we are hydrated our skin is plump and youthful. Staying hydrated also helps to curve moodiness, leaving you feeling more relaxed and in control. Feeling a bit snippy? Grab a glass of water. The average amount of water a person should drink per day is 2 Litres. However, if you want to hold onto youthful, glowing skin, double the recommended daily intake and invest in a good quality water filter. You’ll notice the difference.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

This fact is not necessarily always true, but white teeth can be a sign of good hygiene. And good hygiene is so hot. You don’t need to visit a dentist to whiten your teeth either. There are many cheap whitening kits that do a great job. You can even use whitening toothpaste which gradually whitens the teeth. A nice smile is the best accessory they say. While you’re at it, invest in a tongue scraper. Your tongue can be a breeding ground for bacteria and sometimes can be the cause of bad breath. So, scrape the gunk off before or after you brush your teeth for a healthier mouth.

3. Wash Your Face Morning & Night

Wash your face morning and night and do not use the same towel you use to dry your bum with! Have a separate towel. One for your face and one for your body. Your face is exposed to the elements on the regular and your skin is your body’s first line of defense. Make sure to wash the day away before you go to bed and give it a once over in the morning too to get the sleep out of your eyes.

4. Don’t slouch!

woman on yoga mat

Good posture is everything! Sitting and standing up straight can instantly make you look more attractive. Standing straight up can give off the impression that you’re taller and also more confident. It’s scientifically proven that standing or sitting up straight directly changes your mood too. So if you feel like you’re in a slump, it may be in fact because you’re slouching.

5. Create A Wardrobe That Makes You Feel Hot

When you feel hot, your confidence will show, which makes people find you attractive. Go through your closet and try on all of your clothes. Keep only the clothes that make you feel fabulous. When you go shopping, only buy items that help you feel your best.. You don’t need to wear expensive or revealing clothes to be hot. What’s important is that you feel attractive because other people will pick up on that. If you want attention, wear red! Red will draw all eyes to you and can make people see you as sexy. As another option, try bright colours.

6. Highlight Your Best Features

While you might think that the hot people around you look perfect, that’s just not true because no one is perfect. However, “hot” people are typically better at recognising their best features. Stand in front of a mirror and figure out what you love most about yourself. Play up these features instead of worrying about what you don’t like. For instance, you might think your eyes are your best facial feature, so you could wear bold eye makeup to draw people’s eyes to them. Similarly, you might think that your legs and toned arms are your most attractive body parts, so you might choose outfits that show them off.

7. Match Your Hairstyle To Your Face Shape

Great looking hair helps you look your best, and the key to having a great hairstyle is to get a cut that looks great on you. Pick a style that fits your face shape and hair texture. Look for inspiration online or ask a hairstylist for advice. When you get your hairstyle, ask your stylist how to care for it and style it. Then, follow their advice so your hair looks great every day. Embrace your natural hair texture instead of trying to fight it. This will make it easier to care for and style your hair.

8. Make Eye Contact With Others

eye contact

Looking people in the eye creates an instant connection with them and draws people to you. When you’re around people, make brief eye contact with them. Simply meet their eyes and then look away. When you’re talking to someone, maintain eye contact so they feel really heard. Don’t stare at people because that can make them uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable making eye contact, practice by staring at yourself in the mirror or making eye contact with someone you love.

9. Adopt A Positive Attitude So People Enjoy Being Around You

When you’re positive, people see you as being attractive and fun. Make a habit of looking for positives and pointing them out to others. Additionally, try to see the glass half-full when things are going wrong. This might be hard at first, but it’ll get easy with practice. For instance, let’s say it’s raining outside and you get wet on your way into work. Instead of feeling like your day is off to a bad start, you could think about the positives that the rain brings, like lower temperatures and healthy plant life. Everyone has bad days, so don’t feel like you’ve failed at being positive if you’re feeling down. Just do your best to get back into your positive mindset.


10. Share Your Passion

Being passionate about something makes you a more dynamic person, so people are more likely to see you as “hot.” Find something you’re passionate about, like music, writing, sports, or helping others. Then, talk about your passion and how you’re pursuing it. You might say, “Music is the thing that keeps me going. Right now, I’m working on my production skills so I can debut me EP.

11. Show Off Your Intelligence

Being intelligent and opinionated makes you seem like a more interesting person, which attracts people to you. Learn about topics that interest you by reading, and watching documentaries or lectures. Then, share your knowledge when you’re having conversations with other people. For instance, talk about your opinions on current events or show off your knowledge about a specific passion close to your heart.

12. Pursue Your Goals & Interests

Being a well-rounded person with lots going on in your life makes you seem more interesting and desirable. Figure out what makes you happy and what you want most in your life, then create a plan that can make that happen! Make it clear to the people that you meet that you’re goal-driven and plan to get what you want. For instance, let’s say your goal is to become a nurse and you also like dogs. You might volunteer at the RSPCA and help raise money for the local animal shelter to pursue these goals.


13. Focus On Your Strengths, Rather Then Your Weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses, so don’t let yours get you down. Instead, figure out what your strengths are so you can show them off. Once you know your strengths, try to build them further so you can be a more accomplished person. This can help you have the confidence that will make people see you as hot. For example, you might have book smarts, be good at helping others, and be a talented writer. Celebrate these strengths and don’t be afraid to show them off.

14. Don’t Chase

When you try to make someone like you, it makes you seem less confident and attractive. However, getting someone to pursue you makes you seem more desirable. If you like someone, flirt with them so they know you’re interested. However, make them meet you halfway before you consider going out with them. For instance, let’s say there’s a guy you like. You might flirt with him and give him your number or instagram, but wait for him to message first!

15. Finally, Believe In Yourself!

Confidence is key. It takes a lot to feel good about yourself, but the more you tell yourself how great you are, and how great you look, you’ll start to believe it too! If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one will!

Final Thought

The true reality of being hot, is that it comes from within. It’s less of an outward aesthetic and more of an inward state of being. Cultivating self love is a great way to begin feeling better about yourself and growing a sense of hott-ness. Hopefully, these easy tips will have you being the hot-self you deserve to be!

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