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Better Bedroom Performance in 8 Unforgettable Ways

These pointers can help you have long-lasting, strong orgasms and boost intimacy to optimise and better your bedroom performance.

Are you tired of hitting the sheets and not feeling satisfied? Maybe you or your partner orgasms much faster than the other. Maybe you want sex to feel more intimate and sensual. Or maybe you’d rather not have sex than have yet another quickie. Regardless of what your reason is, you want sex to last longer and I’ve got some tips that can help you get there.

1. Practice Sensate Focus

Haven’t heard of sensate focus practice? Well, you seriously won’t forget about it after you’ve tried it! My partner and I had some of the best orgasms of our lives the first time we tried it.

Sensate focus therapy is put simply is a way for partners to get to know, explore, and enjoy each other’s bodies.

Here are the five steps:

  1. Take turns touching each other’s bodies in non-sexual places
  2. Add in lotion or oil to get slippery
  3. Take turns touching each other’s breasts and genitals
  4. Touch each other at the same time
  5. Move into grinding, slow foreplay, or other sensual practices

You can make your orgasm linger longer and feel more intense by including all of this foreplay and anticipation, which both of you will enjoy.

2. Lean Into The foreplay More Than You Usually Would

Similarly, you can engage in foreplay more than you usually do or want to. Kiss, touch, and tease each other until you’re dying to get sexual. Take turns. Go slow. Build up that pressure in your body so the release is even bigger. This is a great option too if you’re not in the mood to try sensate focus practices yet. Spend more time just exploring each other, the smell the taste and the feeling of different parts of your lovers body.

3. Try A Cock-Ring

Cock rings, which go around the base or shaft of the penis, restrict blood flow. In turn, this can delay an orgasm and make it more intense. Other toys can also be fun. Nothing hits quite like a vibrator, regardless of whether it used on a penis of vagina. To make this process last longer, take breaks in between. You can also drag the vibrator or toy on your partner’s inner thighs or other sensual areas to tease them and have them begging for more.

4. Practice Edging

Edging is a blessing and a curse. It’s when you stop whatever you’re doing right before you orgasm, cool off and then start again. While it can be frustrating (in a good way) to experience in the moment, it can lead to longer and harder orgasms that simply can’t be beat. Communication and learning your partner’s body is essential for this so you can stop at the right moment. Timing this perfectly can take practice, but it’ll leave you feeling incredible regardless! This practice is great for better bedroom performance because not only is edging fun, it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles are essential for arousal so the stronger they are, the better your orgasms and the stronger your boners and vagina grip are.


5. Breathe & Cool Off

Taking breaks is a surefire way to make sex last longer and build anticipation. Change up how long and when you want them to be to see what works best. Take a second to breathe and relax and have a little cuddle. Breaks are great to rehydrate and refuel with some light snacks. You could also touch yourself a little in the meantime if you want! Breathing makes for better bedroom performance because it’s an activity that helps you become more bodily aware and increases the sensitivity of your body.

6. Switch It Up

You don’t have to stick with one position or type of sex! Switch it up. Try cowgirl then doggy style, or any of these sexy positions. Or have oral sex, then vaginal sex, then anal sex. You can switch it up in an edging fashion, after your first orgasm, or whenever feels right for you. Communicate with your partner before and during sex about what you each want, then dive right in.

7. Kiss & Cuddle Before & After

Sex isn’t only about your genitals. A sex session can include pre- and post-sex cuddling and kissing, too! This can help you feel even more connected and loved by your partner. It’s an awesome, sensual feeling I wouldn’t want to have sex without. For me, kissing is the most important thing in sex. Nothing turns me on more that a passionate pash sesh. Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth, flossed AND scraped your tongue.


8. Slap Their Genitals

This may sound odd and very unorthodox. But giving your partners genitals a friendly slap is exciting and floods the area with blood, meaning it will become more sensitive. Don’t slap hard, just a soft little slap to begin with and gradually build intensity if your partner responds well. Always ask first before you slap and give it kiss afterwards.


My partner and I have tried and tested the tips mentioned above and we’ve had great results! Our sex has become longer and way more intense. And we have better bedroom performance. But not only that – it creates a more intimate and emotional environment. It’s brung us closer together as lovers and has boosted our self-confidence. These practices help us feel more desired and worshipped. Don’t stress if you feel like this is too much to do or handle in one sex session! Just focus on one point and practice that until you’re an expert and when you’re ready to try another point go ahead! Sex should be fun and playful. If you see it as an obligation I have a feeling you’ll begin to really let go and enjoy yourself using the tips above. Have fun and stay sexy.

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