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11 Things Men Should Hear From Their Partner

For a long time, we have lived in a culture where the differences between men and women in relationships have been discussed. Women are romantics, the half of a couple who yearns for physical and verbal intimacy. Men, on the other hand, are the less demonstrative half who seek praise for their accomplishments and respect for their role as the heads of the households. Emotion is valued by women, whereas rationality is valued by males. However, in recent decades, these conventional roles have grown cloudy and grey, and what men desire to hear from their spouses may now be quite different. Here are 11 things today’s guy, who understands and accepts new and shifting roles, wants to hear. 

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1. I Appreciate You

Both parties of a healthy partnership really desire to help and support one another. When a guy has offered his support and assistance, he wants to be appreciated for it. Don’t we all, in fact? It’s important for him to know that his partner recognises his work and can express it vocally. Being acknowledged increases one’s sense of self-worth.

2. I Understand

When a guy is going through a difficult time, when he is upset with circumstances and events, when his career is not progressing as he would want, he does not want judgement or “should do’s.” He’s looking for empathy. It’s far better for a spouse to say, “I “understand” how upset and angry you are. I understand how you feel. I’m here if you can think of any way I can assist you, or if you simply want to talk.”

3. Take What Time You Need

Men occasionally just want to be alone. It’s not a criticism on their relationship or a lack of affection for their partner. It’s a real need to be alone and think things over that may or may not have anything to do with the partnership. Maybe he’s thinking about changing careers, going back to school, or how to cope with a problem at work. He requires space, which the intelligent lover will provide.

4. I apologise, Please Forgive Me

In our relationships, we all make mistakes. We “blow up,” say harsh things, and are inconsiderate. When words of apology are appropriate, men want to hear them, and they want them to be real. When kids hear these things, they are significantly more likely to repeat the behaviour when they have been wronged.


5. You Did Such A Great Job

Whether he has decided to clean the garage, help with the laundry, or has accomplished a goal, a man wants praise. Adults should not have to rely on patting themselves on the back for their successes and be content with inner pride, contrary to popular belief. Vocal acknowledgement of accomplishments, even minor ones, by others essential to all of us, and men are no exception.

6. You Are Hot/Sexy

Men may not communicate the need to be seen as attractive, but they appreciate being told that they are. Tell them in words such as “sexy” or “hot,” and you will have a guy who acts that way.

7. Go & Spend Some Time With Your Friends

What a welcome statement! Especially if he has been stressed at work or taking care of you while you have been sick or involved in helping you with a major project. It’s time for a break, and he needs to know that you see this and want him to have it.

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8. Thank You

Say it a lot, for both small and large things. It expresses that you are aware of and appreciative of the wonderful things he does. Earning your gratitude is important.


9. Tell Me Your Dreams

The majority of guys are forward-thinking. And have a clear idea of where they want to be in five, 10, or twenty years. They may have ambitions such as starting their own business or earning a degree. They might have interests they’d want to explore. When you ask this question and genuinely listen, people understand that their goals are important to you.

10. I Need You

Men’s faces light up when they hear this from their partners. Everyone enjoys being needed by someone they care about. It’s not as if you need him in your life for financial reasons. It’s because he brings you full circle in so many ways. When you’re down, he gives you encouraging words; when you need comedy, he adds it; and when you need more insight and perspective, he gives it to you. And for a man, there is no better sensation than this.

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11. I Believe In You

This has to do with being supportive, but it goes beyond that. When you tell a man you believe in him, you’re actually expressing that you trust his judgement, that his plans are well-thought-out, and that you know he has the skills and abilities to achieve whatever he desires. And it has to come from you, since you are the one whose opinion he most appreciates.

Final Word

Relationships are complicated.  Individuals in them will never always agree, and even the most “perfect” partnerships will have unpleasant sentiments, anger, and disappointment. Men, like women, have complex personalities. They have thoughts, feelings, and emotions that they don’t always show (relics of cave guardianship and other old responsibilities), but they’re there. They require validation, appreciation, and the inner pleasure that comes from being told how much they are valued. If these 11 things are spoken often enough, relationships can endure a lot of tough challenges and hazardous seas.

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