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Alice Little

Meet Alice: America’s Highest Paid Sex Worker

What type of lady do you picture when you hear “the wealthiest sex worker”? Blonde? Massive breasts? Big butt? If you think such a woman would be the wealthiest sex worker, you are wrong.

Alice Little is a little woman with flaming red hair who stands at barely 4’8″. She doesn’t have any implants and lives a simple life with her pets. Her fees begin at 4 figures and go up to 6 figures depending on the amount of time a customer spends with her. 

Alice enjoys every aspect of her profession and works around 80–90 hours each week. She charges $15,000 for overnight appointments. She earned $511,000 in her first year and got to keep half of it. The remainder of the funds were taken by the establishment she worked for. She made more than $1.2 million the year prior to the pandemic.

What’s So Special About Alice?

Alice describes how her clients don’t only want to have sex with her; they also tell her about the issues they’re having in their lives. They discuss their divorces, dissatisfying careers, and a variety of other issues that they are unable to discuss with others. In many ways, Alice and her colleagues have to act as therapists to help their clients. One of Alice’s clients was assaulted at a young age which made him unsure about his masculinity. Spending time with Alice made him a little more confident about himself. It’s this personalised attention that she gives to her clients that make her special.

The Girlfriend Experience

One of her most popular services is GFE, or the Girlfriend Experience.

“During a GFE party, there is an element of romance and connection with the other person. Lots of kissing and cuddling — think of honeymoon sex. Very lovey dovey, just the way I like it.”

During Covid when masks and social distancing were introduced, Alice started offering morning and evening phone calls and chatted with her clients every day.

Being a sex worker, Alice has to be pretty open-minded when it comes to kinks and fetishes. Some of her clients are older or medically challenged and Alice makes sure they are comfortable while they are with her.

It’s Not Easy Being A Sex Worker

Alice doesn’t get to keep all her money. She pays 30% of her income as taxes to the government and the brothels she works in also take their cut which is usually 50% of her income.

“During tax season, many things for us are deductible — condoms, lube, massage oil, photo shoots, my computer, my cell phone, the cost to get my hair cut, makeup, etc. I file as an LLC and pay just over $15,000 in taxes each year on average.” — Alice Little

She has to do an STD or STI test every week and blood tests once per month. None of this is covered by her health insurance plan and she has to spend $75 per week on this. She has a personal nutritionist and an instructor to keep her fit. She has to be flexible so she can be comfortable in as many positions as possible. There are still many things she is not comfortable with at all. For example, she doesn’t use slurs against her clients even when asked to. She also doesn’t take Nazis as clients.

Sex work is not permitted in all states. In Nevada, there are just 20 brothels where she may legally work. Aside from that, her occupation has major stigma. Because of her work, she and her colleagues are frequently refused fundamental rights such as housing. She is not just a sex worker, but also an advocate for sex workers’ rights. She has spoken out against the misogynistic abuse that sex workers are frequently subjected to.

“This career is an act of defiance against what society’s perception is of who you’re supposed to be.” — Alice Little

Alice has a YouTube channel where she posts about her experiences in life. If you want to read more about how she spends her day, did an interview with her.


Sex Workers Deserve Respect

Despite being one of the world’s oldest professions, sex workers are frequently mistreated. Women enter the sex industry for a variety of reasons, and we should not condemn them for their decisions. Many women engage in sex work as a result of poverty or a lack of a financially viable job. Many sex workers come from marginalised communities.

According to reporter Paul Harris of The Guardian, undocumented immigrants often have to pursue sex work because not many other choices are available to them. They are also more vulnerable to abuse because they cannot approach law enforcement for help.

Of all the ways to respect sex workers, listening to their stories and experiences, and thus empowering their voices, is the most poignant. Sex work is work, and sex workers are workers. — Kaylin Dunnett

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