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5 Penis Myths Busted

5 penis myths busted wide open for your pleasure. The penis is one of the most unique features of a man’s anatomy, whether it’s big, small, broad, curved, hooded, or circumcised. Yet, men hardly acknowledge the intriguing qualities that differentiate the members. Instead, they are hidden under pieces of clothing and only show them off to the most important individuals in their lives, often under the cover of darkness at first.

Many guys have a troubled relationship with their penises. As essential as they are, the penis is notoriously criticised about its appearance, size, and shape. Comparisons are made to porn stars, your more confident friends, or even your partner’s exes. Making the relationship between a fella and his penis quite strained.

There are many misconceptions regarding penises that men and women naively believe despite the fact that they are false. So let’s debunk some of those beliefs and mend the broken bond between man and his dick.

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Size, Does It Really Matter?

First, let’s get the big (or little) one out of the way. We’ve all heard that penis size doesn’t matter. We’ve all heard it, but I believe the vast majority of us need to hear it again. It’s not that guys don’t believe it; some men just think they’re an exception. “It doesn’t matter how big your penis is, but it does matter how big mine is, right?”

Your fella can perform what it’s supposed to do, no matter how big it is. Giving and receiving pleasure are both included. A smaller penis should not hinder you from engaging in healthy, consenting sexual activity. The sooner you’re happy with your penis’ size, the sooner you can have more sex.  According to a study on men’s attitudes towards their penis, those who are satisfied with its size are 10% more likely to engage in sexual activity.

It has always been and will continue to be a confidence game. You can be a 5-star performer in bed with a small penis and you can be a shit lover with a massive cock.  The sex game is about so much more than simply size. Let’s be honest, some people have a preference for larger penises. People have preferences, just as how some people prefer doggie to missionary. That’s fine, but it’s an exception rather than a rule.

The majority of individuals are indifferent about penis size. Of those that do, will most prefer an average, or smaller penis, since they are more comfortable. A broad or lengthy penis, for example, can be uncomfortable and can cause ripping and injury during anal intercourse. When it comes to anal intercourse, little penises reign supreme.

Not A Muscle, Nor A Bone

Some people call it a boner, but there isn’t a single bone in one at all. According to popular belief, an erection was given this term in the 1940s. It’s a mash-up of the word bone-on, which was most likely derived from the term hard-on. A hard-on erection is self-explanatory since the penis hardens while one erect.

Everyone knows that there’s no bone in a boner because the penis is a muscle right? Well… that’s not true either. The penis is an organ just like your liver, kidneys, and heart. It contains smooth muscle tissue which fills up with blood when you’re sexually aroused. It doesn’t contain any skeletal muscle tissue, which is what your arms and legs muscles have. Unfortunately, the lack of skeletal muscle tissue is the reason you can’t train your penis and make it bigger like you can for your biceps.


You Can’t Make Your Penis Bigger, However…

I’ve previously stated that the size of your penis is unimportant! If increasing the size of your member has crossed your mind, the bad news is that you won’t be able to! There is no scientifically proven method for increasing penis size, and anyone who claims differently is attempting to deceive you.

In fact, some of these methods, like as using a penile pump, might potetiolly harm your genitalia. These pumps are sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction, but some claim they can increase the size of things. If you use one too often, you risk tearing the elastic tissue, which will result in your stiffness being lost.

Penis enlargement surgery is possible, although it is extremely rare. They’re experimental, thus you won’t be able to obtain them for aesthetic purposes. Some people may have them as a result of a birth defect or an accident, but only in the most extreme circumstances. The surgery can be very painful and it may not even work. There is some good news, however! You might have more penis than you think.

You might be able to add another inch or two if you’re carrying some excess weight. A fat pad in your pelvic area may be covering the base of your penis. For people who are overweight that might be limiting how much of your penis is on show. Just by losing some weight you can reduce the size of this fat pad and reveal previously hidden shaft. During intercourse, this ‘hidden’ part of the shaft will still be in play as the fat pad gets pushed back due to the penetration.

The Size Of Your Fingers Can Give it Away, Not Your Shoe Size

What inspires individuals to come up with ideas like this? It all started on the school playground for me. Everyone instantly realised that the size of one’s dick was proportional to your shoe size. Those with larger shoe sizes would strut around like they’d accomplished something. Those who wore smaller shoes, on the other hand, felt inferior.

It was a strange time, but school is always strange. Anyway, your penis has nothing to do with the size of your shoe – sorry. You can still have a small dick with size 12 feet. Your penis size is determined by your genetics as well as certain environmental variables. There’s nothing you can do because everything is decided in utero. Everything is predestined. Studies in 2011 have suggested that there is a correlation between penis size and the ratio from the top of your middle finger down to your palm. The lower the ratio between them signals a larger penis size. So, there we go. Feet are out and hands are in!


Regular Wanking Isn’t Bad For You

There are people on the internet who are attempting to convince people that masturbation is harmful to your health. And not in a religious sense where it’s a sin. Masturbating on a frequent basis is detrimental for your health, according to some YouTube channels, eBooks, blogs, and other resources.

What a load of bullshit! Masturbating on a frequent basis, even on a daily basis, is completely normal and healthy. It has no discernible effect on your sperm count. While there is a short decrease when you empty inventory, your sperm production is unaffected. Masturbation should only be a cause for worry when it begins to interfere with your daily life and relationships. You may have a problem if you choose to masturbate instead of having sexual intercourse or going out for social occasions.

It’s perfectly valid to give your old fella some love and clear the pipes. Don’t let anyone try and make you feel bad about it.



The relationship between you and your penis is really important, and for many individuals, it is quite fragile. It’s worthwhile to create and maintain a positive relationship. If you’re still concerned about the size of things, improve your game by learning new methods, postures, and other ways to please. In 99.9% of cases, you are the only one who is concerned about these issues. Your partner won’t, and if it bothers you, talk to them about it and allow them love and comfort you. Then it’s time to get down to business.

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