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MIMMYNVOVO is a photoshoot must in 2022!

Crafting a compelling online identity will become more important than ever in 2022. Brands and companies have already begun replacing physical touchpoints with digital ones in light of the global pandemic. The focus of a lot of brands now is on developing more efficient strategies and products that enable a fully digital customer experience. In order for brands to do this effectively, high quality imagery and videography is necessary, that’s where Mimmynvovo come in to play.

Sydney’s Mimmynvovo is the perfect space for all your professional photography and videography needs because expressing your creative vision is easy in the right environment.

We all know that we’re living in a highly visual world. If we see something and we like the look of it we’re more than likely going to buy it and consumer brands know this. On average, a person will need to be exposed to a product 7 times before they buy. This is why having compelling imagery for your brand is in fact, so important. So, if you have been searching for a safe and unique space to unleash your brands potentiol, look no further.

Inside the 3 levelled Mimmynvovo studio are 4 outstanding spaces that can cater to any desired need.

The Cyclorama

The Cyclorama Room boasts an impressive 6mx5m seamless, professional Cyclorama wall. Excellent for high quality photography and video material. This space is private and functional, giving you access to a private bathroom, kitchenette and CCTV covered parking, make-up station, storage and clothes rack.

More and more creatives are opting for Cyclorama walls now instead of the traditional green screen. This is because a cyclorama wall offers much more consistence and and flexibility.

The Rec Room

The Rec Room is a floor-to-ceiling explosion of colour and an influencers dream. Every millimetre of this space is an epic photo opportunity. Inside this room there is colourful vinyl flooring, a pink basketball hoop with pink and orange basketballs, rainbow-clad lockers and Mimmynvovo’s signature 5000 ball, ball pit below a mirrored ceiling. If bright colours and a sporty vibe sounds like you, The Rec Room is ready for you to get balls deep.

The Cage

The Cage space is a neon lit, jungle themed area which displays a 90kg human sized steel birdcage with functional swing. One of the great things about this space is that the cage is optional. So if you’re only looking for a lush backdrop to unleash your inner Tarzan or Jane this one’s for you.

The Kitchen

It’s doubtful you’ll ever step foot into a groovier kitchen than at Mimmynvovo. If you want draw dropping imagery in the most unique kitchen space ever created, this outstanding kitchen space is perfect for shooting cooking vlogs, product shoots and general creative media.

The Bare Minimal

The Bare Minimal space is a fully customisable blank canvas, best for products, fashion and portraits. Moreover, this space is equipped with paper roll backdrop brackets, so you can easily change up the mood and style your shoot however you desire.

Equipment Hire On Site

Mimmynvovo is the gift that keeps on giving with onsite equipment for hire. For an additional fee, the studio have paper roll backdrops in various colours and professional lighting with all the accessories. Including the versatile and very sought after NANlite pavotube lighting that illuminates the rainbow for suburb quality mood-lighting.

Gift Cards

Not sure what kind of gift to get your instagram obsessed loved one? How about an eGift Card from Mimmynvovo? Your loved one can choose their favourite space and Mimmynvovo can help them source a trusted professional photographer.


Come See The Space For Yourself

When you’re ready to take the leap and invest in your brands image, give Mimmynvovo a call and schedule a walk through at the Mimmynvovo studio. You’ll be greeted by the friendly staff who will happily show you around and answer any questions you have.

Remember, in order to sell, you must be seen. So show everyone your best angle!


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