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Fake orgasms: Why do women do it?
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Fake Orgasms: Why Do Women Pretend?

It would be wonderful if every one of a woman’s sexual encounters resulted in a pleasurable, toe-tingling orgasm. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. However, by using a little bit of theatrics, some women may make it look as if they’ve had an orgasm when they haven’t. But why!? There are a variety of reasons why some women pretend and fake orgasms. Here are a few examples: 


If a woman is in a hurry or is having sex with her partner at an inopportune moment, she may find it difficult to relax and achieve an orgasm.

For a lot of women, timing is everything. In addition, the environment, how she feels in that moment, hormones — ALL of these things contribute to the culmination of the female orgasm besides actual sexual intercourse.

Simply said, if she isn’t in the mood, she ISN’T in the mood.

However, if a woman’s desire to please her partner remains despite her lack of orgasm, she may decide to fake it to make the sexual encounter more satisfying for her partner. 


When it comes to sex, women are more in their heads, therefore being in the correct headspace to engage in sexual activity is important. It’s common to fake an orgasm because of bad timing. It occurs all the time. However, for many women, faking an orgasm is done as a way to both reassure a partner sexually and also to get things moving along if an orgasm appears inevitably unreachable.

Sometimes you just want to get your partner satisfied and move on to the next thing as quickly as possible. Sorry — not sorry.

Wanting sex during a time when a woman has other plans, doesn’t have much time available, or has her attention centred somewhere else can impact her orgasm success.


Even if they wanted to, there are a large majority of women are unable to experience an orgasm. According to current studies, 10–40 percent of women experience difficulties or incapacity in achieving orgasm.

This may come as a surprise to those of us who can easily achieve orgasm. It is, nevertheless, a fact. Unfortunately, aside from physical issues, there are a variety of factors that might hinder a woman from experiencing orgasm. Sometimes, it’s psychological.

A woman could have been raised in a culture of sexual shame or have a history of sexual abuse that she has endured which can impact the ability to enjoy sex — even with a gentle and loving partner.

Serious issues in a relationship might sometimes prevent a woman from having an orgasm because she doesn’t feel safe or secure in the relationship.

Other ladies are unable to have orgasm due to medical issues or even depression. Not being sufficiently stimulated by a partner can also be a factor.

If a woman has not been able to tell her partner that she’s been physically unable to achieve an orgasm her whole life, she may fake it to make her partner feel better or in order to avoid discussing something that’s extremely painful.


It should come as no surprise that energy has a significant impact on sex. For many women, their ability to reach orgasm is highly dependent on their energy levels.

Being sleepy, depleted, or exhausted might leave you feeling completely uninspired when it comes to sex. Faking an orgasm could well be the quickest way to get things moving — so to speak.

Faking an orgasm because you’re dead tired and simply can’t get there on any given day is not unusual — especially in long-term partnerships with jobs, kids, or just general exhaustion.

Life can be exhausting and sex — good sex — requires a significant amount of effort and energy for both parties involved.

If a woman is so tired that she already knows she won’t be able to reach orgasm. Faking it might help her partner relax and achieve climax sooner without them worrying about her.

Faking an orgasm happens, and it isn’t a crime to want to get to sleep faster.


Some people have stated that they would be genuinely insulted if they discovered their lover faking orgasms with them. We also can’t say we totally disagree with them either.

You want to perform effectively as a sexual partner. In the hopes that your lover would be sexually satisfied with you. However, for many of the reasons outlined above, it does not always happen for women. Even if you can’t get your own fire going, a little moaning and groaning can help. 

Faking an orgasm isn’t necessarily a symbol of disrespect towards a partner. In fact, a lot of the time women just want their partners to feel good. An ego stroke, if you will, When it’s clear an orgasm just isn’t happening.

We don’t believe that women who fake orgasms to bolster their partner’s ego or offer encouragement when they can’t get there are secretly laughing at their partners behind their backs. Not in the slightest.

Having an orgasm is fantastic and I don’t know any woman who doesn’t want to have orgasms or who doesn’t wish she could have them if she’s never experienced them.


Whether it’s lousy timing that affects mood, a physical inability for whatever reason, or low energy levels that impair sexual desire, most women still want their partners to have fun and feel good about it — even if they can’t have that type of fun themselves.

It’s amazing when orgasms happen. But, whether we like it or not, ‘faking it’ does and will happen from time to time.

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