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Cherry Dana and Chloe Pillans, hosts of The Adults Corner Podcast
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The Adults Corner Podcast

The Adults Corner podcast is not for prudes by any means.

Your hosts Cherry Dana and Chloe Pillans are no strangers to perversion and discussing what no one else would dare to speak about.

Cherry and Chloe are two blonde Aries women with a background in the adult entertainment industry who endeavour to normalise conversations about sex, dating, mental health and general wellbeing.

About Cherry Dana

Cherry Dana, also known as Dana Grigg is an entrepreneur and internet superstar who rose to fame in 2016 when she went viral on Snapchat by filming and posting the shenanigans she and her girl colleagues would get up to at topless waitressing events. Dana climbed to over 1 million followers on Instagram and became one of the highest Australian earners on the monthly subscription based content creation site OnlyFans.

Dana’s OnlyFans success allowed her to become a multifaceted business woman and build many victorious businesses such as Girls Of CherryDTV, CherryDTV and The Mimmynvovo photography studio and creative content space. Cherry Dana is a woman of strength and character, beauty and zeal who dreams big and gets shit done.

About Chloe Pillans

Chloe Pillans, also known as Mistress Arabella began her career in the adult entertainment industry at 18 years old as a professional Dominatrix where she learnt how to conduct BDSM sessions in a safe, sane and consensual manner. Not only was Chloe a Domme, but she also worked in other dimensions of the industry such as erotic massage and full service, but, BDSM was always her main priority.

Working as a Dominatrix, Chloe learned a lot about healing sexual shame through empowering BDSM play scenes, as well as the psychology behind kinks. Being interested in the psychological side of kink and her clients requesting Hypnosis, Chloe began to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is the study of activating neuroplasticity using language in order to achieve one’s goal – and Hypnosis, which is a process of following instructions and using active imagination to induce a trance state to cause autonomy, relaxation and empowerment.

Chloe says trance is a normal and natural part of day to day living and when we can begin to enter into trance consciously, that is when true liberation can be achieved.

In The Adults Corner Podcast, Cherry Dana and Chloe will be recounting important lessons they learnt while working in the adult industry as well as sharing the juiciest stories and the most essential advice for beginners who may be considering entering the explicit work force.

Not only that, but you can be sure to hear expert advice and opinions about sex, dating, relationship troubles, mental heath and wellbeing.

Topics That Cherry & Dana Will Cover

  • Safe sex and safe practices
  • Consent and boundaries
  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Communication in the bedroom
  • Anal play and pegging
  • Poop and periods!
  • Sex Work advice
  • Navigating online content creation
  • Juicy personal stories
  • Dealing with distorted perceptions of sex work
  • Online growth and earning potential tips and tricks
  • The difference between a kink and a fetish
  • How to save and invest your earnings from the industry
  • Learning BDSM and aftercare
  • Most requested fantasies
  • Ball busting
  • And so much more!

Cherry and Chloe are a dynamic duo who will make you spit your milk and cry tears of laughter and joy.

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