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Tantric Sex & Energy Exchange

Tantric Sex & Energy Exchange

Sex captures everyone’s attention.

Everyone is interested in sex. 

It is the one issue that has continued to fascinate people’s interest, if not obsession, over the millennia. When sex is the topic of a discussion, you can tell right away because heads pull closer together and there is a hushed intensity, a virtual thickening of the atmosphere.

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However, when individuals are scared to talk about sex or ashamed of sex and its “animal” nature, a tangible sense of alienation, isolation, and tension can surround them. The reality is that sex is the single most important component of our life, whether it is acknowledged or ignored, suppressed or expressed, loved or endured. It is the single most significant aspect of our lives.

Sex is constantly on one’s mind. It is a recurring theme in our daydreams and thoughts. It’s part of our chemistry, since every sentient species on this planet was born from the combination of male and female cells.

Our sexuality is recognised as early as childhood, when we naturally fondle our genitals with innocent comforting joy, and it is with us throughout our lives in various phases of development and expression. It is the cause of much pleasure and pain, as well as comfort and suffering. It frequently dictates our joys and sorrows, our ecstasies and agonies.


Painting our toenails or lips, as well as spritzing on perfume or cologne, are all simple ways to attract sex. This is especially true nowadays, when we are continuously bombarded with sexual images, phrases, and movies. People use sex to dominate, seduce, abuse, and abandon, while the media uses it to market, humiliate, and scandalise.

Sex has a lot to do with our concern with fashion and looks. Even if we don’t feel that individual exceptionally appealing, being perceived as attractive gives us vitality and confidence. When we communicate our desires, we see the possibility of love, which makes us happy. To love and be loved is what everyone of us actually want. Nothing can take its place. And when we love someone, sex becomes an ongoing means of communication.

Sex may also lead to misunderstandings, disputes, aggression, confusion, dissatisfaction, and restlessness. According to sources, m en think about sex every three minutes, while women think about it every six to seven minutes. Whatever the facts are, the truth is that we are all involved in an ongoing relationship with sex, whether we like it or not.

The Life Force and Sexual Energy

Sexual energy cannot be contained since it is the life force itself. Even while we frequently try to divide sexual and “other” energies in our imaginations, the fact is that they are all one and the same. Whether the life force manifests itself via sex or survival, art, athletics, or music, energy is just energy with an inherent potential to move. We cannot deny or dismiss this inherent energy no matter how hard we try; we can only learn to channel it in the most rational and uplifting manner.

As common as sex is, just a few people have found a method to receive complete fulfilment or a loving heart from it. Modern study on the phenomena of orgasm has discovered that the “average” sexually active individual feels orgasmic bliss for twenty seconds each week, ninety seconds per month, or eighteen minutes per year. The calculation is based on a ten-second orgasm. Even 10 seconds might seem like a huge accomplishment!

So, during the course of fifty years of sexual activity, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing orgasmic ecstasy for around fifteen hours. When you consider how many times you make love and how much time you spend fantasising about it and obsessing over it, this is both amazing and depressing!

“Tanric Sex teaches that sexual energy cannot be contained since it is the life force itself.”

Obviously, most of us are unhappy with our romantic and sexual relationships. Sex is no more the euphoric, pure, spiritual power that it once was, bringing us to a realm of love and true desire. It does not profoundly satisfy us, giving us the energy to face each day with zeal, nor does it have the ability to lift us above the stresses and restrictions of our daily lives.

Sexual abuse, frigidity, ambivalence, premature ejaculation, impotence, and sexual apathy are all prevalent difficulties among men and women. And the good news is that sex is an extremely healthy and empowering force, which we can enjoy and use to our great benefit.

Sex has a divine quality to it in its highest form. It transports you to “here,” to the divinity of the present moment, when you are blissfully at ease. Everything is in its right place. It is a spiritually nourishing orgasmic biological bliss that occurs from the dynamic interaction of opposing forces.

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Unfortunately, many religious individuals believe that sex is a diversion on the journey to God. Some of us have been trained to “avoid sex at all costs,” even if we spend our evenings dreaming restlessly about it and our days constantly thinking about it.

This is a massive misunderstanding and a heartbreaking loss for mankind. Our life force is depleted when sex is reduced to reproduction and instant gratification while its subtle spiritual function is disregarded, causing mind, body, and spirit disturbances. We may integrate love and spirit into our lives, both within and without, and learn to live beyond the confines of mere biology, thanks to Tantra, the cosmic balance of masculine and female energies, yin and yang, positive and negative, dynamic and receptive.

We are given the opportunity to reconnect with our male and female natures and discover the spiritual language of love via the physical act of making love. It’s a different view of sex than the one we were raised with. Tantra provides us with new ideas and a new perspective on sex and its role.

Sexual Energy Phases

Sexual energy in humans is thought to flow in a circular manner along internal channels in the body, with two distinct phases.

Before spiralling downhill to the genitals, the first phase and first sure of sexual energy originates in the brain. The hypothalamic-pituitary area and the pineal gland in the brain, in particular, release hormones that regulate the endocrine system in the body, including the sex glands. These hormones keep you sexually healthy and help you get ready for a sexual encounter. From the brain to the genitals, this is the first and descending part of the circle. The biological or reproductive phase of sexual energy is referred to as this. And it is here, through orgasm or ejaculation, that we invariably expel the sexual energy produced in intercourse.

Tantra’s secret, and its main point of interest, is that sexual energy is encouraged to stay in the body. It is hardly secreted during orgasm or ejaculation. It stays in the body and is re-circulated, allowing us to reach our full orgasmic potential. Sexual energy is given the opportunity to travel back to its source in the brain during this ascending phase, revitalising and nourishing the body’s “master” glands (pineal and pituitary). These glands have a significant impact on health.

Sexual activity is known to generate a variety of hormones that have a good impact on the body and mind, and sex has long been connected with longevity and spiritual illumination. Sex becomes a rejuvenating, invigorating force when sexual energy can be reabsorbed and renewed. The spiritual or generative phase of sex is characterised by reverence for the genitals as generative organs. Tantra reveals how to access the second phase of our sexual energy by allowing it to shift inward and upward. It demonstrates that sex may be used to generate more life rather than just another life.

“As men and women learn to relax together during sex, this spiritual phase of sexual energy emerges.”

As men and women learn to relax together during sex, this spiritual phase of sexual energy emerges. This is in stark contrast to the prevalent perception of sex as a laborious activity fraught with tensions and stresses. Humans feel that the more we engage in sexual activity, the more will occur and the higher the payoff. We don’t even consider taking it easy! We don’t know it, yet genuine sexual bliss is accompanied by physical relaxation. 

When we relax, we feel better. In truth, ecstasy and tension are diametrically opposed: tension produces heat and restlessness, whereas ecstasy produces calm and inner serenity. Relaxation opens and extends, whereas tension narrows and contracts. Tension causes a peak, whereas relaxation causes a valley. Tension causes a release, whilst relaxation allows for absorption.

Tantra’s entire ambience is one of relaxation. It suggests that if we relax into our sexual energy rather than building it up to a peak and then releasing it, we will have more life energy and love. We may re-direct sexual energy by relaxing and turning it inward and upward, where it is automatically re-absorbed and circulated by the body. This phase is known in Tantra as “placing one’s foot on the first step of the inner ladder of growth.”

In time, a neglected energy pathway forges its way open in the core of the body, and we experience this from the genitals upward as a streaming electromagnetic current, a glorious golden light phenomenon. Lovemaking becomes a divine experience full of wonder when we support the spiritual phase of sex rather than preventing it as we do in our ignorance. 

If you want to experience more satisfying and deeply loving sex, why not practice Tantra? CherryDTV recommends any material by Dianna Richardson, Tantric Master.

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