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30min Booty workout

28 May , 2019  

Exercise 1 – Smith Machine (3 sets)

Smith machine squat- standard squat stance 3sets (medium- heavy weight) little rest in-between

Exercise 2 combo – smith Machine squat and Leg press (3 sets)

Smith machine squat – close feet stance, toes raised and weight in your heels on the squat down refer to video REPS 8-10 (light -medium weight)

Decline Leg Press – controlled pace 8-10 reps (med-heavy)

Repeat both exercises with 3 sets each, little rest in between sets.

Exercise 3 combo – Barbell Thrusters and Dumb bell dead lifts ( 3 sets)

Barbell Hip thrusters (med-heavy weight) 10 reps

Dead lifts using dumb bells – keep legs straight 10-15 reps (option toes raised- see video)

Exercise 4 – TRX hamstring curls (1 set) 20 reps

Exercise 5- Walking pulse squats and lunges (1 set)

3 squat pulse walks followed by 2 pulse lunge walks combo -I did these up the felt track.

Reps to fatigue, REFER TO END OF VIDEO

Personal Trainer- Jade Mellen

PLEASE NOTE- I am not a personal trainer, this is a guide of what I have done in my own PT sessions and I am posting for people looking for workout combo ideas as motivation/inspiration.

Variations on exercises are encouraged, these workouts are targeted solely for myself, my personal level of fitness and ability. Please use as a guideline /recommendation only.


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