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30min booty workout

28 May , 2019  

Warmup- Stair climber 5min

Exercise 1 – Weighted Squats (3-4 sets)

Barbell weighted squat- standard squat stance 3sets (medium- heavy weight) little rest in-between

First video I was having issues getting my gluten to activate so I took my shoes off and used a bench sit down on to correct my technique.

Exercise 2 – Hamstring Curls average to slow speed (3 sets)

Exercise 3 combo- Seated single leg press and seated leg press

Single leg press (I did 55kgs) 3 sets, 10 reps

Seated leg press (I did 91,127,155kgs) 3 sets. 6-10 reps. Weight increase

Exercise 3 combo –

50 goblet pulse squats

50 body weight pulse squats

20 full body weight squats

10 Jump Squats


Personal Trainer- Jade Mellen

PLEASE NOTE- I am not a personal trainer, this is a guide of what I have done in my own PT sessions and I am posting for people looking for workout combo ideas as motivation/inspiration.

Variations on exercises are encouraged, these workouts are targeted solely for myself, my personal level of fitness and ability. Please use as a guideline /recommendation only.


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