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About Cherry

Aka Dana Grigg

Hey you, welcome to my space. I wanted to create a site outside of my social media platforms that is just as addictive as a Netflix TV series for my fans.
A cherry HQ if you like.
Born, raised and currently residing in Australia – my home town is Newcastle. I LOVE to travel and make new friends, experience new cultures and just go exploring in general. I am very much an extravert but also a home-body – I spend a lot of my spare time with George (my dog), family and close friends. I enjoy going to the gym, engaging with you on social media every day, and going out for coffee/breakfast.

I have been a social media influencer for almost 7 years now, I mainly love what I do especially when I hear the positive impact I have on some people’s days with my posts.
As a social media influencer, I encourage conversation via the content I create. What you think matters, at least to me.I believe in empowering people to be confident in their own skin, and that the choices we make in life are not wrong, but – when we hit a wall – they’re to be viewed as learning experiences.I want to create a positive ripple effect encouraging people that it is ok to be an individual, and to be real on social media.
Social media should empower people to represent themselves how they want, as opposed to what industries may demand.

If you see me out and about, please don’t be shy – come say Hi!
I would love to meet you.
In the meantime – enjoy my website, take a look at my new store, and check out these 10 fun facts about me below, love ya! Xx

10 Fun Facts About Me
1 I could not live without George and my family
2 I have a background in dance and fitness
3 I’m an Aries (so if you’re a Leo – look out!)
4 I used to be a cheerleader
5 I Netflix and Chill with George my dog all the time
6 I love a guy who is confident with a sense of humour
7 I am a selfish lover, I don’t like sharing people I date.
8 I moved to Mexico when I was 19 to work and live for 19 months
9 Can’t eat spicy 🌶 foods 
10 I’m 5’2 (short/ sweet and very petite ;p)

Postal Address:
Po Box 302
Waratah, NSW
Australia 2298

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